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Where to Get Non Prescription Computer Glasses?

You might have never worn prescription glasses, but you’re looking into computer glasses. Why?

There are many benefits, but the chances are that you’re wondering where to get non prescription computer glasses.

Is this even a possibility?

It’s very much possible, however, not many people know about it. And that’s why our mission is to increase the awareness of the computer glasses, show the bad side of artificial blue light (emitted from monitors), and to educate & help people make the right choice when it comes down to computer glasses.

Down below, you can find the benefits of computer glasses, the options they come with, and how to get yourself a pair of non prescribed computer glasses right today!

What are Computer Glasses?


Computer glasses are glasses that look like the same as regular or reading glasses, however, they feature a different lens.

The lens of computer glasses is made to block out about 75% (or in some cases higher %) of blue light. But why blue light, you might wonder?

After numerous studies showing that the artificial blue light emitted by the monitors is bad for our eyes – the easiest and the most efficient solution to keep our eyes healthy is to wear a pair of computer glasses.

Computer glasses are able to block out the blue light that is harmful to our eyes (and even brain) and yet ensure that we still see all colors (even blue) the same way.

Too many people consider the following symptoms “normal”:

  • Watery eyes
  • Computer headaches
  • Blurry vision
  • Inability to focus
  • Inability to fall asleep

These are just some of the symptoms and yet there are many more. And if you’ve ever experienced these symptoms – you probably didn’t think much of it.

However, now when you know that they’re really harmful to our eyes – it’s really important that you protect yourself since it’s very hard to hide from all the screens we’re exposed to nowadays.

Is it Possible to Have Computer Glasses Without Prescription?


It’s very much possible to have computer glasses without a prescription. Its main purpose is to feature a blue light filter and to protect our eyes against being overly exposed to the artificial blue light.

However, it’s true that you can also get computer glasses with magnification which is great if you require reading glasses or you already own a pair of reading glasses.

But even if you require computer glasses with a prescription – it’s possible. You can either add the blue light filter into the lens with your prescription or purchase custom computer glasses that will add both your prescription and blue light filter.

Some computer glasses can even feature all three options:

  • Blue light blocking filter
  • Magnification for reading
  • Prescription

The fewer options you require, the easier it is to purchase a pair of computer glasses. And in this situation, if you require no prescription with your computer glasses – you’ll consider yourself lucky!


Keep on reading as you’ll find out below how you can get a pair of non prescription computer glasses right today!

Do You Need to Visit a Local Optician?


If you need non prescription computer glasses – you don’t need to visit your local optician. Even if you required magnification, you wouldn’t have to visit your local optician.

However, if you need your prescription added into computer glasses, you would have two options:

  • Visit a local optician and see if they can add a blue light filter into your next pair or glasses
  • Find a computer glasses manufacturer who could add a prescription on top of the blue light filter

The good news is, if you’re already wearing regular glasses – you will be able to keep the frame and just replace the lenses.

And if you don’t require a prescription – you should keep on reading as we’ll show you the best place to purchase computer glasses without prescription or magnification.

But not only that. We’ll also show you how to choose a quality pair of computer glasses so you really know that your eyes are protected every time you wear computer glasses & stare into the screen.

Easy Process of Purchasing Computer Glasses Online


Many people don’t believe how simple and easy it is to get a pair of computer glasses. Even better yet – you can get a pair of computer glasses right this minute online!

That sounds awesome, right? But how come the process is this simple?

The reason the process of purchasing computer glasses is so simple is because of the lenses. Computer glasses only feature a blue light blocking filter (along with a couple of other features) and that’s why it’s so simple to find a pair that will fit your needs.

All you need to do is find a quality brand and choose a frame that will fit your needs – and you can easily get your computer glasses shipped today.

The best place to browse and find a perfect pair of computer glasses is Amazon. It offers a wide range of glasses and it features some of the top computer glasses manufacturers in the industry.

We wrote many posts reviewing the computer glasses. If you don’t have an idea which glasses you would like to go for – our review posts can be a good starting point.

We also highly recommend finding computer glasses that provide plenty of accessories. Often times, these computer glasses feature a blue light test kit which allows you to test out the purchased glasses so you can really find out how effective computer glasses can be.


If you require non prescription computer glasses, you’re lucky because you can easily find a pair you like online and order them right today.

But if you’re still in doubt, we highly recommend checking out more information about the benefits of computer glasses.

They can be really helpful and they can prevent a lot of symptoms that most people handle on a daily basis. And if you’re someone who uses a computer for work – computer glasses are the best way to protect yourself!

Do you need help choosing a pair of computer glasses?

If you do, feel free to leave a comment below or if you have any questions – let us know and we’ll do our best to help you out!

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