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What Strength Computer Glasses Do I Need?

The strength of the computer glasses depends on the specific distance you view your computer screen and it can vary from 12-32 inches.

Therefore, when choosing computer glasses the computer reading distance is an essential factor that you must consider to eliminate eye-straining. Moreover, the further your computer monitor is the lesser the power of the glass lenses you need. The advantage of computer glasses is that they do not need a traditional doctor’s prescription to wear them provided you understand their strength.

Doctors mostly allow individuals with faultless eyes to use lenses with diopter strength of +2.0 with exception of +0.25 or -0.25.

The ones with +1.75 are also good because it does not make you become dependent and do not worsen your vision and jumping up or down a diopter also does not have any negative impact on your vision.

But, if you have an eye defect it is advisable to seek professional advice before purchasing anti-blue wavelength eyeglasses. But the strength of your computer glasses depends on the prescription written by the doctor.

For instance, if your computer glasses prescription is 1.00 for a 21-inch distance then if the distance is further than 21 inches, it is okay but lesser than that you need the one with higher power than that.

How Strength is Measured for Computer Glasses


When choosing the ideal computer glasses you need to consider their strength. The strength of computer glasses is measured in Diopter. Diopter is the reading strength of the glass lens which is measured at a one-meter range of 1.0 per meter.

Therefore, the higher the number, the more powerful the magnification of the lens. For that reason, it is advisable not to assume that all computer glasses are ideal for your eyes. Instead, you should confirm with your doctor before purchasing any computer glasses because it depends on the eye defect and your age.

The strength of the computer glasses increases with +.25 which gives you the ability to fine-tune its strength depending on the distance your computer monitor from you. However, their strength depends on the type of computer glasses because they have been designed with different magnification power for specific eye defects and depending on the distance.

If you are in the +3.00 and up the range, it is recommendable to choose the next power lower than you think you might need. For example, if you have problems seeing the +4.00 line but are ‘kind of comfortable with the +3.25 line choose +3.50 as your power.

Is Strength the Same as Magnification?


No. The Magnification gives how many times the image has been magnified by the instrument.

Contrarily, the eyeglass strength refers to the resolving power of its lens which is the quality or the sharpness of the image. Therefore, the magnification power of eyeglasses is vital for enhancing the size of the object or the character, but the lens strength helps to improve the quality of the image.

Nevertheless, lens strength is less dependent on magnification than on the precision with which the lenses and mirrors were built, on diffraction effects caused by the aperture.

Before purchasing eyeglasses it is significant to seek professional advice to determine whether you need eyeglass with high-resolution power or magnification power.

Thus, there are four different types of anti-blue wavelength glasses designed for different lens power and magnification for different purposes depending on, age, distance customization, and eye defects.

What to do if You Don’t Need any Strength for Your Computer Glasses?


The fact that you may not need any strength for your computer glasses still your risk for developing eye problems is very high; therefore. You should opt for the following tips to prevent too much blue-wavelength light exposure, they include:

• Ensure your monitor is far from you at approximately 24-36 inches. The significance of being distant from your monitor reduces the amount of Blue light emitted into your eyes.
• Take your time to rest every 20 minutes away from your computer screen and shut them for a moment, then open and relax them. However, you should also remember to blink them and drink a lot of water to keep your eyes lubricated to reduce eye fatigue, straining and prevent the eyes cells from degenerating.
• Reduce the light set-up of your monitor to reduce the amount of blue-wavelength or you may install blue light filter software like iris to repel and block out the blue light.
• Or you may also use physical blue light filter screen covers on your computer to act as a barrier against high-frequency waves. However, the downside of using physical blue light filters it diminishes the quality of the picture, but its health benefit is all you need.
• Reduce the amount of time you spent watching or playing games on your monitor because the risks for eye damage also increase with too much blue exposure from your computer.

Benefits of Strength Computer Glasses


Protecting your eyes is important for your health because it protects the eye cells from getting damaged and interfering with your body’s physiological processes. Below are some of the benefits of wearing computer glasses, they include;

• Helps to prevent bad posture because blue wavelength reduces the sensitivity of the eyes cells. Thus, an individual will lean forward and crane the neck to try to compensate for less than perfect mid-range vision.
• It helps to improve the production of sleeping hormone {Melatonin} to improve your sleepiness and maintain your body clock sleeping pattern. Suppressed melatonin levels are very dangerous for your health because it triggers depression, disrupts hunger-controlling hormone leading to increased obesity, and disrupts your memory and retinal damage.
• It helps to prevent your eyes from straining and reduces eye pressure thereby alleviating migraine and headaches.
• Since it reduces eye strain and pressure; hence, your concentration will improve in terms of productivity and accuracy while working.
• It reduces the risks for developing eye defection problems like myopia and macular degeneration and reduces eyes fatigue, eye strain, and blurred vision.
• Anti-blue glasses filter out blue light from the screen to protect your eyes from glare thus preventing eyes from dilating with the brightness and eyes from straining.


Too much and a prolonged period of blue light exposure has a lot of health risks to your eyes, production of melatonin and hunger hormones, and memory.

Therefore, you should take earlier precautions because prevention is better than cure and it also cuts down the amount of money to be spent on surgery rectifying eye defects.

However, it would help if you seek professional advice from your doctor to prescribe you the best anti-blue wavelength light eyeglasses that are ideal for your eyes or defect.

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