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Everyone likes to play games here and there – but did you know that there are professional gamers who compete as part of large gaming organizations at some of the largest gaming events in the world?

That’s right, the gaming industry is booming and it’s almost surpassing the TV industry – and there are high chances that you’ve seen gamers wearing gaming glasses.

But what does gaming eyewear do? Is it even legal for them to use them during their competitions?

We’ll explain everything about the benefits of gaming glasses, and even show you what does gaming eyewear do.

Therefore, keep on reading because who knows? Maybe you will decide to go for gaming eyewear by the end of this article!

What Does Gaming Eyewear Do?


Gunnar is one of the biggest (and most known) manufacturers of gaming eyewear and we still remember their first gaming glasses being proudly worn by professional gamers on the stages of some of the biggest gaming events such as Dreamhack.

The audience was really intrigued but no one could tell for sure what does gaming eyewear do. Sooner than later, Gunnar gaming glasses were available for purchase to the public and they became really popular.

Gaming eyewear works the same way other computer glasses work – however, they are often coated with the yellow lens for better benefits.

This means that gaming eyewear can reduce screen glare, eliminate eye soreness, and even increase the size of view by eliminating the blue light.

That’s right – gaming eyewear eliminates the same blue light that is eliminated by almost every other computer or blue light blocking glasses.

The main difference is the yellow coat which can enhance the player’s performance but also reduce the eye strain from looking at the screen for too long.

And as we all know, top gaming matches can become really intense (especially in the finals) and eye strain is very real at this level of gaming.

So what are the main benefits of gaming glasses? Keep on reading to find out!

Benefits of Gaming Glasses


Imagine yourself being on the stage of one of the largest gaming events, preparing yourself for a really important match in the eliminating phase.

Even the slight glare on your screen could mess up your performance, but not getting a good night’s sleep and yet having to perform all day around – your eyes would easily get sore & tired.

All of these issues can be reduced or even eliminated by gaming glasses.

Therefore, the most important benefits of gaming glasses are:

  • Reduction of glare on the computer screen
  • Eliminates eye strain
  • Improved clarity
  • Lighter hue due to yellow tint lens coating
  • Ability to see colors more vividly and clearly
  • Reduced headaches, eye soreness, and watery eyes

All gaming glasses block out blue light which ensures that the gamers don’t get overly exposed to artificial blue light. And if you didn’t know by now – being overly exposed to artificial levels of blue light can lead to computer headaches, migraines, watery eyes, eye soreness, and eye strain.

Artificial blue light can even mess up internal body clock which leads to an irregular sleep schedule and can even cause mild sleeping disorders.

So are Gamers Allowed to Use Gaming Glasses?


The main concern was that gaming eyewear can give additional benefits to gamers who will then have an advantage over the opponents who don’t wear gaming glasses.

The biggest issue was the yellow tint lens coating which offers a lighter hue. What this means is that players have the ability to see colors more vividly and clearly and this might give them an advantage over other players in certain games.

Luckily, gaming glasses are not prohibited at the biggest gaming tournaments around the world for one big reason. Not all gamers use them and players who don’t use gaming glasses didn’t notice any disadvantage of not using them.

Therefore, it’s a fair game for everyone – and it’s up to the gamers to decide whether they’d like to protect their eyes and go a bit easy on them with the specially coated lenses.

However, seeing more and more professional gamers choosing to try out gaming glasses really shows how they can protect their eyes and help them retain their vision under the hours of regular gaming.

What do You Have to Look Out for When Browsing Gaming Eyewear?


If you would like to give gaming eyewear a try – we highly encourage you to. They’re highly affordable and most of the manufacturers offer a 30-days back money-guarantee so if you end up not liking your new gaming glasses – you can easily return them within 30 days and receive your money back.

So while this seems like a no-brainer decision – what do you actually look out for when browsing gaming eyewear?

Luckily for you, you’re in the right place so here are the most important things to look out for:

  • Frame material
  • Blue light filtering
  • Lens color
  • Comfort

Most of the gaming eyewear sold comes with no magnification so if you require magnification or if you wear regular prescribed glasses – this won’t be an issue.

However, you will have to take this into consideration and make a custom order with one of the gaming eyewear manufacturers such as Gunner.

But if you require no magnification or prescription – we highly recommend you to check out our review of Gunnar Optiks Intercept glasses!


The gaming industry has been booming for quite a long time now – but even if we don’t take professional gamers into consideration, there are still plenty of avid gamers who could benefit from the benefits of gaming glasses.

Hopefully, now you not only know what gaming eyewear does, but you are aware of its benefits that could help you out even if you are a weekend warrior!

Did you ever have a chance to try out gaming eyewear? What were your thoughts?

We’d love to hear your opinion so don’t hesitate to scroll down and leave a comment down below – whether it’s a question, feedback, or opinion. We’ll do our best to keep in touch!

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