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Vision Global Bifocal Computer Glasses Review

In the digital age, blue light is something we’re all overexposed to. Blue light is healthy, but at decent levels which are easy to acquire from the daylight and sun.

However, all screens whether it’s a TV, laptop, or a mobile phone emit the blue light and most of us stare at our devices for hours without even taking a break.

Not only blue light contributes to eye strain, but it can also inhibit your sleep when you’re exposed to it at night.

Glasses such as Vision Global Bifocal computer glasses are a great way to block the blue light when using a laptop, watching the TV, or using your phone.

In this post, you will find out how these best computer glasses can benefit your eyes, mind, and even sleep.

Vison Global Bifocal Computer Glasses Features

Not only Vision Global bifocal computer glasses can block out the blue light, but you also get to choose the magnification level so you can easily read signs and text in a distance. They offer plenty of other useful features and considering the price – they’re very well worth the value.

Digital World’s Comfort


Using our phone to pass time is something most of us do – even at night, but we don’t admit to ourselves some of the issues of the digital world such as eye strain or inconsistent sleep.

In fact, some people might not even connect these issues with the extensive use of electronics since it’s something that became very normal in the modern world.

Vision Digital bifocal computer glasses are made to bring comfort to the digital world – so instead of cutting your work time on a laptop short, you can do something to make it comfortable and safer.

Coated Lens

The lens is the most important piece of these glasses and they are carefully crafted by Vision Global in order to be resistant to scratches, stay anti-reflective, anti-glare and anti-dust, but are even able to block electromagnetic rays.

This includes blue light which isn’t bad for humans, but being overly exposed to it by different types of screens can lead to issues.

These lenses are able to help relieve eye strain, blurred vision, red eyes, migraines, and even sleep deprivation.

However, what’s very interesting is that even though these lenses are coated multiple times for protection – they’re still 100% clear and don’t even feature even the slightest color variation.

Needless to say, these are one of the clearest light-blocking lenses on the market. Just give them a try and you will notice the difference immediately.

Durable Yet Flexible Frame

The frame is the second most important piece of these glasses and we’re happy to see the modern design which fits many different styles and is an ideal choice for both genders.

Therefore, you won’t only enjoy the fashionable benefit of these glasses but they’re also made of durable material and are pretty flexible. Since they can withstand a decent amount of pressure – they’re hard to break.

Ideal for Sightseeing and Reading

These glasses aren’t only made for the computer yet they’re also ideal for both sightseeing and reading thanks to the magnification feature.

You can choose a magnification from +1.00 to +3.00 so you can either read easily text and signs in a distance or you can enjoy sightseeing without having to bring your binoculars everywhere you go.

Improve Sleep Quality

Vision Global computer glasses eliminate the high rate of blue light which can impact our sense of circadian rhythms. Therefore, these glasses are actually preventing our internal rock from breaking and causing insomnia.

If you’ve been having trouble sleeping lately – ask yourself if you have used a phone, laptop, or have you watched TV an hour before you fell asleep?

If the answer is yes, you might be suffering from a high rate of blue light. Even though it sounds bad – you can easily fix that by using a pair of these glasses before going to bed instead of disconnecting every screen around you.

Eliminate Eye Fatigue

The reason we often get eye fatigue is that we prolong our exposure to high-energy visible blue light and this doesn’t only lead to eye fatigue but also blurred vision.

These computer glasses feature a LifeArt blue blocker lenses that can reflect the blue light while letting through all other colors from the specter.

This means that artificial light won’t affect your eyes or mind, which leaves your eyes & mind restful at all times, throughout the day and night.


  • Ideal for reading and sightseeing
  • Reduce eyestrain and dry eye syndrome
  • Can increase the sleep quality
  • Multiple lens coating
  • Lightweight yet durable and stylish
  • Various magnification levels to choose from
  • Very affordable price


  • Only one frame style available


Considering the quality of these computer glasses and everything they have to offer for a reasonable price  – they’re very well worth the purchase.

Even if you in doubt about the benefits blue light blocking glasses offer – these are a perfect model to give this idea try and experience the results first-hand.

We believe these glasses are an ideal choice for someone who has been looking into reading glasses since these can be considered as a 2-in-1 option that will keep you safe from the negative effects of prolonged exposure to blue light.

From the lenses to the frame – there’s no doubt that these glasses are made with quality in mind so if you’re looking for a pair of glasses that won’t break as easily, these make a great choice.

The only downside is that they come in one frame style.


Health is important and we should stop ignoring some effects we believe are irrelevant. Eye strain is one of the most common issues of the digital age – and even though we have simple solutions available such as the Vision Global computer glasses, we still don’t give them a chance.

These glasses are a great way to either give this idea a try but also benefit in the long run.

Did you try blue light blocking glasses before? Did you notice the improvements when used during long hours in front of a TV, laptop, or any other screen type?


Feel free to leave the comments down below, but also let us know your opinion or questions and we’ll do our best to help you out!

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