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PROSPEK Blue Light Blocking Glasses For Kids

Looking for a great pair of computer glasses for kids? Keep reading!

Do you know that most kids spend five hours a day on average in front of smartphones, tablets, computers, and TV screens? And with newer and smarter versions of these devices available after every few days, the exposure to harmful blue and UV rays emitted by these screens is only going to increase.

The increased exposure to high-energy light rays is causing issues like sleep disorders, eye strain, headaches, and even retina damage among children. That is why PROSPEK came up with a perfect solution for this problem, which is in the form of Anti Blue Light Computer Glasses.

This pair of glasses is designed for kids four years or older to make sure that their eyes remain protected from the harmful effects of blue and UV lights. It can easily relieve stress and fatigue, as well as reduces dry eyes and eye strain while using a computer or a smartphone for long hours.

The glasses are manufactured by Spektrum, a well-known, US-based brand that is also known as PROSPEK. In addition to promising best protection against harmful rays, the colorful design is also something that your kids will love.

PROSPEK Kids Anti Blue Light Computer Glasses Features

The PROSPEK Kids Anti Blue Light Computer Glasses uses their own patented and advanced radiation protection technology in the lenses. It promises to deflect more than 50% of the harmful rays.

Among the best features of this pair of glasses is its frame which is colorful and pleasant looking. It has a unique style and fits perfectly in small head sizes due to the presence of flexible springs. The front is orange in color with blue joints, and the end of the frame is color green.

The bridge in the frame is also comfortable and sits very easily on your kid’s nose. Its sides contain spring-powered nose pads that make it very comfortable for kids.  Simply put, you don’t have to push your kids to wear these glasses since they will love keeping them on.

The frame and lenses are also very lightweight, which makes your kids feel as if they are not wearing anything. Due to its lightweight and comfortable design, the glasses are best fit for kids who are often irritated by glasses.

For the lenses, PROSPEK used high-quality optical fiber and patented radiation protection technology. Such ensures the kid’s eyes are exposed to only necessary levels of blue lights that are required to keep the vision clear.

Unlike some other versions of computer glasses, these glasses have transparent lenses with no magnification. Such feature makes it easier for kids to adjust with the glasses as kids are often irritated by yellow- or blue-tinted lenses with magnification.

Below are the notable features mentioned earlier:

  • Available in fun colors
  • Colorful, flexible frame with spring-powered bridge nose pads
  • High-quality optical fiber lenses
  • Transparent glasses
  • No magnification
  • The accessories include hard protector case, a head strap, interchangeable over-ear pieces, and cleaning cloth.


  • Scratch-resistant lenses and frame
  • Minimal color distortion
  • No-question-asked money back guarantee
  • Zero Magnification
  • Lenses have a protective coating to block more than half of blue and UV rays


  • Offers moderate protection only


When designing these glasses, PROSPEK made sure to design it as attractive and comfortable for kids as possible. The colorful frame, transparent lenses, zero magnification, spring-powered nose pads, extremely lightweight, and simple frame design make them attractive for kids.

These are the kind of glasses that parents don’t have to force on their kids. Instead, kids will wear these on their own.


There are not many kids’ computer glasses as most are designed for adults. However, that doesn’t mean our kids don’t need such glasses. In fact, they need better protection than adults as their eyesight and retina are still developing.

Spektrum or PROSPEK Kids’ Computer Glasses are among the very few options you have for your kid’s protection. There is one other favorite product for kids, known as Little Eagle Blue Light Computer Glasses.

If you compare both glasses, both offer good protection against the harmful rays, but the Spektrum’s design is more colorful and child-friendly. It uses three different colors in the frame and looks more vivid than Little Eagle.

They both have zero magnification, transparent lenses, and comfortable frame, but Spektrum looks like a better option in terms of design, durability, and comfort.


With the increasing exposure to harmful blue and UV lights due to daily use of a smartphone, computer, TV, and tablet, protection for our kids’ eyes is no more an option—it becomes mandatory to secure a good future and healthy habit in our children.

One such protection comes in the form of PROSPEK Kids Anti Blue Light Computer Glasses. The glasses are attractive, cool in design, provide protection against blue light and look good on your kid. The unisex design looks good on both girls and boys and perfectly fit due to springs used and flexibility. The scratch-resistant lenses make them durable and something that can work for a long time.

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