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LifeArt Blue Light Blocking Glasses Review

Most of the time, people can’t even tell whether we’re wearing our regular glasses or computer glasses. And this is great, but did you ever think of taking things to another level by going with a super fancy frame?

You don’t need to visit your local optician for this, and you don’t need to do any DIY to do this. Luckily, we have computer glasses such as LifeArt blue light glasses that don’t only look awesome – but they’re also efficiently blocking about 75% of blue light.

And down below, you’ll find everything about these fancy computer glasses based on our review – so keep on reading!

LifeArt Blue Light Glasses Review

LifeArt Blue Light Blocking Glasses, Anti Eyestrain, Computer Reading Glasses, Gaming...
  • Reflect and filter blue light, prevent color distortion, 7-layer anti-reflective coating to reflect and filter blue...
  • Thinner and durable, the multi-layer coating is combined into a single layer with a thickness of only 10um, increases...
  • Magnification glasses option, with +0.25 to + 6.0 magnified lenses, helps you more clearly see objects that are 12-14...
  • Classic round frame design, ultra-lightweight, universal size fits most face shapes.
  • Rest assured to buy, we stick to pay attention to product quality, any problem for this product, just contact the seller...

You might have seen some LifeArt glasses on social media because most influencers and even celebrities are loving the stylish frame options – but down below, find more about the brand and glasses since the stylish frame is just a bonus to many other quality features!

7-Layer Coating

LifeArt was able to produce virtually clear lenses which might have you think that these are just regular glasses.

However, what no one can notice is that these blue light blocking glasses feature 7 different coating layers.

These layers include:

  • Anti-screen radiation
  • Anti-scratch
  • Anti UV400
  • Anti-glare
  • Blue light blocking layer
  • Anti-fingerprint
  • Anti-fog

When you think about all these layers, we were really surprised to see that such combination results in only 10um thickness.

On the other hand, you also have a virtually clear lens that is able to protect your eyes from many different factors, without increasing the weight of the glasses in general as well.

Therefore, not only you will experience benefits by reducing exposure of your eyes to the blue light – but you’ll also experience other general benefits that you can usually find with high-quality glasses manufacturers.

Ultra-Light Stylish Frame

The frame doesn’t only look very stylish and elegant, but it’s also thin and lightweight. This doesn’t sacrifice the sturdiness and build quality though.

LifeArt frame is made from TR90 material which is very well known in the glasses industry for its comfort, lightweight, and durability.

Hinges connection is re-inforced as it’s one of the most common breaking points of all types of glasses. LifeArt paid special attention to this by adding a double hinge which is lightweight, doesn’t look bulky at all, and it definitely improves the overall quality of the glasses.

Virtually Clear Lenses

Not only LifeArt managed to combine 7 different lens layers into one and provide virtually clear lenses, but they’ve also provided high light transmittance.

If you’ve tried other blue light blocking glasses before, you could have noticed a slight yellow(ish) tint. While this is easy to ignore and you quickly get used to it – we’ve noticed that the anti-reflective coating is virtually clear.

There is still a slight tint – but it’s very hard to notice it if you’re not looking into it.

Enhanced Vision

These LifeArt blue light glasses don’t only block out high-energy visible (HEV) blue light, but they also reduce the eye strain and blurred vision by enhancing the vision.

We have found that these glasses slightly increase the colors and yet are able to block out a certain color (blue light) from the colored light spectrum.

Therefore, you will never find yourself putting your eyes under stress while using the computer. This might not be very beneficial to someone who spends only an hour or two in front of the screen.

However, it makes a huge difference for everyone who spends at least a couple of hours in front of the computer.

10 Different Designs

LifeArt is very well known for bringing its stylish designs into the available wide range of blue light blocking glasses.

Two of their most popular frame design finishes are Floral and Red Floral. However, they also produce a variety of frames with standard finishes.

If you are a fan of a clean and sleek black finish, you will be able to choose from a variety of such finishes with LifeArt. They include:

  • Black
  • Firefly Navy
  • Gamble Black
  • Ghost Black
  • Lulu Black
  • Meadow Black
  • Preston Black

Magnification Available

Some blue light computer glasses manufacturers don’t feature magnification – however, LifeArt made a great decision by making magnification available to all of their glasses.

Therefore, you can choose magnification from +0.25, all the way up to +4.00.

However, if you don’t need magnification, you can choose a pair of LifeArt glasses without magnification.

But if you needed a prescription added to LifeArt glasses, this is something you should visit your local optician for.

Quality Accessories Come Included

As you could notice from the review so far – LifeArt puts quality in the first place and then they work their way around it to provide only the best glasses out there.

Considering the price, this on its own is already making their glasses very well worth the price.

However, what also surprised was that we’ve received additional accessories (which we didn’t expect at all!).

This includes:

  • Eyeglasses case
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Small screwdriver
  • Ear hooks
  • Blue light blocking test kit included

Even though they have re-inforced the hinges – they still sent a small screwdriver, just in case. This type of support is pretty incredible.

We didn’t have the chance to test out their support system – but we believe that we would experience top-quality from their support team as well.


We know that the style of these best blue light blocking glasses will fit the style of many people and it’s really great seeing a manufacturer in this field paying attention to both design and quality of the lenses.

But considering the quality of this product, accessories it includes, and benefits it provides – it’s definitely more than worth the price it sells for.

The best thing is that you can order LifeArt blue light glasses online without even having to visit your local optician.

Do you know of any other brand that pays attention to their style as much as LifeArt? What is the thing you like the most about these glasses?

Feel free to leave a comment below, ask any questions, or simply share the post as we would appreciate it a lot!

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