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How to Test Computer Glasses

Computer glasses are one of the most underestimated ways of protecting your eyes from overexposure to the blue light. And before you even know it – people will tell you that these “things” don’t work. But do you think that they’ve ever learned how to test computer glasses?

We don’t think so either!

Therefore, in this post, you’ll learn everything there is about computer glasses, why are they important, what are they made of, and even how to test them – so you can purchase a pair in just a couple of minutes!

Chances are high that this post will answer at least one of your questions – so keep on reading!

What are Computer Glasses?


Computer glasses are glasses that have a very similar lens to regular glasses. However, they usually don’t improve prescription, yet they protect the eyes from the harmful light.

But what’s interesting is that you can’t really tell the difference between regular and computer glasses.

When computer glasses were first introduced, they often came with yellow(ish) lens tit. But today – you can’t really tell the difference as they feature fully transparent lenses.

Therefore, you can wear computer glasses without people even knowing or noticing it. If you’re trying to avoid all those common questions about computer glasses – this is exactly something you won’t have to deal with.

But if you’re still in doubt whether or not you should get a pair of your own computer glasses – you’re in the right place.

Down below, we’ll explain the way computer glasses are made and the benefits they provide, so by the end of this post – you’ll easily make up your mind.

And for now, if you don’t know yet – computer glasses are glasses that protect the health of your eyes by blocking out the harmful light (blue light) which is bad once we are overly exposed to it.

How are Computer Glasses Made?


Computer glasses are made of the same material and the same lenses as regular glasses. But what’s the secret then?

Instead of the prescription or magnification – computer glasses feature blue light blocking filter.

This filter has the ability to block about 75% or more of blue light. And how does this help us?

Blue light is just one type of light from the color spectrum – and why exactly do we need to block it out?

Even though blue light isn’t very harmful to us – being overly exposed to the artificial blue light that’s emitted by screens of any type will lead to a number of symptoms that we started to consider as “normal”.

These symptoms include anything from red & sore eyes, watery eyes, blurred vision to headaches, migraines, and even insomnia.

Therefore, computer glasses are made of blue light blocking filters that are invisible and yet are included in the lenses while the frame is made of the same frame quality used for regular glasses.

This way – you won’t have to worry about the quality of the glasses and yet just focus on the primary purpose of the glasses.

How to Test Computer Glasses?


Computer glasses block out most of the blue light, right?

So is there any better way of testing them than simply shining a blue light into them and see how much of blue light comes through the other side?

We think that this is the best way – and we are happy to see that many manufacturers think the same way.

Therefore, if you’ve ever purchased computer glasses or you know someone who did – you could notice that some computer glasses include a blue light test kit.

This kit includes a small blue light and a test card. Once you shine the blue light onto the card, the blue light will leave blue marks onto the white area of the card.

However, if you place the computer glasses and leave just a tiny bit of space for the light to still mark the card – you will be able to fully test out the computer glasses.

In almost all situations, when you stop flashing the blue light on to the card (partially through the lens of computer glasses), you will see a huge difference when you remove the glasses.


You will see that almost no blue light went through the glasses which proves how effective these glasses are.

Did you think that you’ll have to do anything more complicated than this to learn how to test computer glasses?

Do you Need to Visit Your Local Optician to Purchase a Pair of Computer Glasses?


If you were told to purchase a pair of computer glasses by someone – the first thing you would do is visit your local optician, right?

But see – here’s the thing.

In order to purchase a quality pair of computer glasses, you won’t even have to visit your local optician.

Wait, isn’t that the place to purchase the glasses?

That’s true – however, computer glasses can be purchased online.

And all you need to do is do a search for quality computer glasses and check out the available choices. If you require magnification with your computer glasses – the good thing is that most manufacturers offer computer glasses with magnification as an option.

But what if you wear regular glasses?

The great thing about computer glasses is that you can combine the blue light blocking filter into regular glasses as well. However, in order to do this – you will have to visit your local optician.

Other than that – everything else can be done and purchased online!

We are covering some of the best computer glasses manufacturers so feel free to read our review posts where we review most computer glasses that are available for purchase online.

Blue Light Glasses Test

Another effective way to test your blue light glasses is to hold the lenses up to a light source and see if you notice blue light reflecting off of the lenses. If you do, then you know that your blue light blocking glasses are effectively filtering blue light!


Did you ever wonder why you always get a headache when you use the computer or watch the TV for more than just a couple of hours?

Being exposed to artificial blue light for more than just a couple of hours is more than enough to start experiencing some symptoms.

Symptoms vary from person to person, but it can even go to extremes where blue light can cause a sleep hormone called melatonin and delay the internal body clock.

However, we hope that you’ve learned how to test computer glasses right in this post so you can find a perfect pair for yourself.

Did you ever try computer glasses? What do you think about them?

Feel free to leave a comment down below, leave questions, or share the post!

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