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How to Have Correct Posture When Using a Computer

Just as important correct posture when standing is – it’s as important to have a correct posture when sitting down and using a computer.

In fact, it’s a bit harder to achieve a proper posture when using a computer due to a couple of factors which could set off your postures such as the desk height or chair settings.

Therefore, you’ll find out why is correct posture important when sitting down but also how to have correct posture when using a computer. By the time you finish reading this post – your back will already be thankful since a couple of small changes can make a big change.

Is There Correct Posture When Using a Computer and Why is it Important?

Credit: Comprehensive Spine Institute

Almost everyone is doing their best to feel comfortable when sitting down and using a computer, but did you ever pay attention to your posture?

Yes, there is a correct posture you should look out for when using a computer, or even when just sitting down.

But why is it important?

Just like when standing, correct posture helps minimize the excessive force that muscles and joints need to absorb.

Therefore, if you have a look at it this way – posture is a lot more than the way you look when you’re sitting down and using your computer.

It’s actually the way we impact our muscles, joints, bones, and even how we pressure certain places on our bodies. The lower back is the most common pressure spot for people who don’t have a correct posture – and that’s why you might have heard of the lumbar support help.

Even some health care providers such as NHS (National Health Service) confirm that sitting is bad for us and even with a correct sitting posture, we should exercise plenty. This especially applies to people who sit a lot on the job.

Why Do We Struggle Keeping the Correct Posture When Using a Computer?


Even the best of us catch ourselves slouching over the desk and it’s one of the worst forms of posture and yet it’s so easy to slouch without even noticing it.

The reason why we struggle keeping the correct posture when using a computer is different for everyone. The most common reason is not having the screen at the level of our eyes which makes us slouch with our shoulders forward.

For some, the reason might be the chair height or seatback. Even the height of the desk can be the reason why we struggle to keep the correct posture.

One of the easiest ways to prevent slouching over the desk is to always ensure your ears are aligned with your shoulders. If they move forward – then your posture is not correct.

How to Have Correct Posture When Using a Computer?

Credit: Posturite

Most people experience back pain without even connecting it with bad back support when sitting down in front of a computer.

So you might be wondering what is the correct posture when using computer? Keep on reading because here comes the best part!

Adjusting the Chair


Adjusting your chair so your lower back is properly supported is the first step you should do to achieve a correct posture. Therefore, change the height, back position, and tilt of your chair to ensure it’s easy to hold a correct posture no matter how long you sit.

The good rule of thumb is to ensure your knees are a bit lower than your hips.

Table Height and Arms Position


However, when adjusting the chair height – you should pay attention to the desk height. Your arms, wrists, and hands have to be straight and level with the floor. If they’re not – this could lead to repetitive strain injuries.

Keep the elbows by the side of your body so your forearms form an L-shape at the elbow joint.

Feet Position

No matter how comfortable it can be to place your feet just anywhere you can – you should keep your feet rest flat on the floor.

Crossing your legs can only contribute to posture-related problems. However, if you need help keeping your feet at the correct position, footrests can help out so don’t hesitate to use it.

Screen Position


You should always keep your screen directly in front of you and try to place it at an arm’s length away.

The top of the screen should be roughly at the eye level. However, if your monitor doesn’t have a stand you can adjust, adding a couple of books underneath the monitor is a good old trick you can use.

Having to bend your neck can be uncomfortable, but it can also contribute to posture-related problems.

One thing that most people don’t even realize is that screen glare is not only bad for the eyes but also for the posture since our body will try to avoid it in a subconscious way. If you love the position of your screen but you get glare – check out some of the best computer glasses that could help eliminate eye strain.

Keyboard Position


Believe it or not, the keyboard position can also affect your posture. To avoid this, you should keep your keyboard right in front of you.

You should always keep a small gap at the front of the desk so you can rest your wrists. Almost every laptop palm-wrist space, but if you own a desktop computer, leaving a small gap in front of the keyboard will do the trick.

Along with the keyboard, you should pay attention to your mouse as well (if you use one). Keeping it as close as possible is important so you don’t have to reach out or use it in an awkward position.

Avoid Phone Strain

If you do a job where you spend a lot of time on both computers and phones – you should avoid phone strain. Phone strain is known as the way of holding your phone next to your ear with the help of your shoulder.

If you do this often, you will easily strain the muscle in your neck which could make having a correct posture harder.


Since sitting is bad for our body and health, taking regular breaks is important. And instead of taking one or two longer breaks, taking regular breaks will help change the posture often and give your muscles a chance to relax as other muscles are under the strain.

Having a correct posture might take some time to get used to it – but once you do, you’ll feel a lot better than ever before.

Back pain is just one of the most common issues of incorrect posture, and if you didn’t know how to have correct posture when using a computer – there’s no excuse to pay attention and improve your health!

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