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Best Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Glasses

The market is full of blue light blocking glasses and with the increase in remote working – computer glasses are increasing in popularity.

This is great because blue light blocking glasses can definitely offer great benefits that can directly benefit your eyes – but which computer glasses should you choose and how to make the decision?

While we believe you won’t have to spend a fortune, you shouldn’t go for the lowest-priced computer glasses either. Instead, decide on a couple of brands, check their history and their product lineup, and find a product that’s a great fit for your budget but also your style.

One of our favorite products is Gamma Ray blue light blocking glasses and this review is all about them – so keep on reading if you’re still searching for a perfect pair of computer glasses!

Who is Gamma Ray and Are They Worth the Price?


Gamma Ray is best known as Gamma Ray Optix and it’s a very trusted eyewear company whose main mission is improving the eyesight and protecting the eyes at all costs.

Therefore, you might know Gamma Ray as a sunglasses manufacturer, but it’s worth knowing that Gamma Ray produces computer glasses, as well as reading, bifocal, and other glasses types.

They’re even producing safety glasses for all types of situations and jobs.

Not only do they have a wide range of products, but they’re also really good at manufacturing quality products at a very affordable price. Therefore, you won’t ever have to spend a fortune for a quality pair of glasses – including Gamma Ray blue light blocking glasses.

We’re really pleased to see that Gamma Ray goes a lot further than designing and manufacturing quality glasses.

They’re also educating people on the glasses to fit and other topics through their blog or a fit guide tool. So if you’re not sure what frame suits your face the most – check out the Gamma Ray fit guide tool!

Benefits of Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Glasses


Gamma Ray has a wide range of blue light blocking products that are ideal for everyone who’s looking to protect their eyes when working from home, in the office, or even when watching the TV and scrolling through Instagram on a smartphone.

The best thing about Gamma Ray computer glasses is that they are based on various frame types and even feature a couple of different sizes.

When it comes down to the lens, they’re always efficient at blocking out at least 75% of artificial blue light.

Therefore, Gamma Ray computer glasses can:

  • Eliminate glare
  • Reduce and eliminate computer headaches
  • Eliminate sore eyes or watery eye symptoms
  • Improve sleep
  • Reduces eye strain
  • Increases contrast
  • Allows everyday smartphone/computer use while protecting the eyes

Most people are dealing with symptoms such as sore, watery, or even blurry eyes or even slight computer headaches daily. But what surprises us the most is that most people take these symptoms as normal while they’re definitely not something you should put yourself through.

A pair of Gamma Ray blue light blocking glasses can definitely help protect your eyes and improve the way you look at the screen!

Best Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Glasses

With so many blue light blocking glasses from Gamma Ray, the choice was hard. However, we chose some of the best and the most popular computer glasses that will fit everyone’s style – and most importantly, everyone’s budget!

Gamma Ray Computer Glasses With Amber Tint

One of the best Gamma Ray computer glasses is this exact model that comes with a very modern and attractive stylish frame and amber-tinted blue light blocking lenses.

We even wrote a full review on this subject so if you’re really interested in these computer glasses – give this review a read!

Even though the frame is built using plastic, it’s important to note that this is the T90 frame which offers lightweight and high durability. You’ll definitely feel like you’re wearing a feather on your face. What we mean by this is that you’ll even forget that you’re wearing computer glasses after a while.

To keep your eyes healthy, Gamma Ray introduced transparent lenses (with a light amber tint) and yet have the ability to block out artificial blue light, reduce glare, and even offer UV400 protection.

The frame design is fairly stylish so not only the glasses will benefit your eyes, but you’ll feel cool and proud wearing these Gamma Ray computer glasses.

While you keep the eyes healthy with these glasses, you will definitely experience all the benefits we’ve mentioned earlier. Additionally, these glasses can also come with magnification so you get to choose from 0.00X to 4.00X magnification.

Gamma Ray Trust Series Computer Glasses

If you’re not afraid to show off your personality through your style – Trust Series computer glasses might be a great choice.

These glasses feature light amber tint lenses that offer extraordinary blue light protection so you won’t only protect your eyes, but you will also experience all the standard benefits that are related to the Gamma Ray brand.

The well-known frame style is built with a highly durable T90 plastic which makes these glasses light. Gamma Ray went even a step further to introduce a transparent frame that doesn’t only look cool – but will also make the glasses invisible at times!

Lenses are also equipped with a BlueGuard technology that helps block out about 75% of blue light, but also reduces glare, and even offers UV400 protection.

So whether you’re working in the office, at home, in the coffee shop around the corner – no one would be able to tell if you’re wearing regular glasses or computer glasses.

Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Gaming Glasses

If you’re looking for fashionable computer glasses that you can wear in the office, in a coffee shop on the corner, or when gaming – these are a perfect pair of Gamma Ray blue light blocking glasses.

Frameless bottom combined with amber tinted lenses gives everyone an advantage, whether you’re browsing the internet, playing video games, watching TV, or working under fluorescent office lights.

This sleek frame is made from stainless steel which is suitable for both professional and casual look – but what we like the most is the springe hinged temple arms that offer great comfort while providing high durability.

Not only these computer glasses are suitable for blocking out the blue light, but they can protect your eyes from glare, and ultra-violet light. Therefore, you can keep your eyes healthy while rocking the timeless look that provides comfort thanks to its lightweight design.

If you’re not sure if these glasses might help you or not – Gamma Ray is currently doing a 90-day money-back promotion which truly gives you the ability to test out the glasses and only then make up your mind.

Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Glasse (Wayfarer Style)

If you’re a big fan of the “Wayfarer” frame style and you would like to combine it with the benefits of blue light blocking glasses – these glasses from Gamma Ray are a perfect choice.

These glasses have the ability to alleviate visual fatigue or discomfort by blocking out about 75% of artificial blue light. Therefore, users will no longer experience discomfort from long sessions of web browsing, gaming, or scrolling through the smartphone.

The frame is based on the standard and very famous Wayfarer style and it’s made out of polycarbonate material. Such material use allows lightness without sacrificing the durability or quality of the product.

They only come in one color which is black, but we believe that black is all you need as the glasses look really professional so you can wear them anywhere you wish. Whether you want to look professional, sleek, or achieve a casual look – you won’t have a problem.

Even though the lenses come with a slight amber tint, they’re not changing the way you see colors (even blue colors) and that’s what matters the most.

On top of that, you can choose magnification (if required) that ranges from 0.00X to 2.00X.

Vintage Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Who said that you can’t look stylish and still keep your eyes protected at all times? These vintage computer glasses from Gamma Ray are a great example of everything you can expect from the brand.

These glasses are made from T90 ultra-lightweight plastic material that increases durability. The stylish frame is based on the round vintage look with a tortoise finish that completes the vintage look.

The lenses come with a very light amber tint which reduces the eye strain and adds a couple of more benefits to the blue light blocking feature.

Therefore, if you’re looking to alleviate visual fatigue while looking stylish, look no further. Not only these glasses can block out artificial blue light efficiently – but they can also protect your eyes when working under the office fluorescent light, or even when you’re outside – these glasses offer UV400 protection.

The temple arms are well designed as they’re flexible and for glasses that weigh only 18 grams, we’re surprised with the level of durability.

Vintage Gamma Ray Trust Series Computer Glasses

Another great vintage choice comes directly from the Gamma Ray’s Trust Series. These blue light blocking glasses offer a very durable yet ergonomically shaped frame with stylish classic elements. On top of that, these glasses come with a tortoise finish that really completes the look.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a pair of computer glasses that will help protect your eyes and still complete your stylish look, we believe that these vintage glasses from Trust Series are a great choice.

The main difference in the Trust Series lineup is that these computer glasses come with a BlueGuard technology that helps add more benefits to the blue light blocking capability.

Therefore, BlueGuard technology has the ability to reduce the amount of blue light that reaches your eyes more naturally. With such advanced technology, these glasses can help reduce insomnia symptoms, headaches, fatigue, stress, and much more.

If you’ve ever felt mid-day tiredness that wasn’t followed by any particular reason – this might have been just one of many symptoms of being overly exposed to artificial blue light.

And with these Gamma Ray blue light blocking glasses, you won’t have to reduce the time you spend in front of the screen. Instead, you will be protected at all times so your long screen sessions won’t affect your eyes or your mind.

Metallic Blue Gamma Ray Trust Series Computer Glasses

So far, you probably know all the benefits of Gamma Ray computer glasses, and you even know the benefits of glasses from the Trust Series lineup.

Even though Trust Series computer glasses are a bit pricier, they offer great benefits. Gamma Ray put a lot of thought and work into the Trust Series products and one of the favorite finishes within the series is the Metallic Blue.

These glasses feature the same durable and ergonomic frame design made of sturdy material that is pretty lightweight. However, Gamma Ray introduced a great combination of the transparent frame with a light blue color.

Such mix brings out a whole new color of the frame which changes as the light shines through the frame. Not only you’ll have the most advanced computer glasses (BlueGuard technology), but you’ll also have the most stylish computer glasses on the market!

Considering the price and the value of these glasses, you should definitely invest so your eyes and health can benefit!


If you’re looking for affordable yet quality computer glasses that won’t only block out artificial blue light yet can even protect you against ultra-violet light, Gamma Ray computer glasses are a great choice.

With so many options and great build quality, you’ll be able to find glasses that will fit your style.

With a 90-day money-back guarantee, not only you will be able to safely experience the benefits of blue light blocking glasses, but you’ll also be able to find a perfect pair for your personal needs.

What are your favorite Gamma Ray blue light blocking glasses and why?

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