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Duco Blue Light Blocking Glasses Review

Duco Blue Light Blocking Glasses

All living things depend on light as the source of energy, food, and vision, but exposing yourself to too much blue light is not healthy for your eyes.

Light is made up of wavelengths with different colors and energy, meaning the effect of light depends on the wavelength and the color it emits.

The higher the amount of energy the more powerful and unsafe for your eyes. Blue light has a shorter wavelength with more energy which makes it dangerous to stare at for a prolonged time.

The amount of blue light emitted by the sun is not more harmful than the ones emitted from our digital devices because of the direct exposure and closeness.

Blue light exposure during activities like playing video games, looking at electronic devices, watching tv, or just from the fluorescent office lights you encounter while working can cause digital eye strain and impact sleep quality.

Digital eye strain from digital screens over long periods of time can cause blurred vision, and visual fatigue, and can cause you to suffer headaches.

It’s helpful to take periodic breaks from looking at screens in order to maximize eye protection and reduce eye strain.

However, you should take things a step further and invest in some blue light blocking glasses like the Duco glasses.

These will protect your eyes from the harmful blue light wavelength by using blue light blocking glasses which helps to reduce the intensity of the blue wavelength. One of the best light blocking glasses we recommend is Duco Blue light computer glasses.

About Duco Blue Light Glasses



Duco is one of the most trusted brands on the market that focuses on making top-quality, functional, and polarized lifestyle eyeglasses..

They have also proved to be what they claim to be by providing the best customer experience through affordable prices, fashionable and stylish design, excellent customer service, and quick delivery.

They make varieties of eyeglasses ranging from UV400 protection polarized sunglasses to anti-blue glasses and all you can name that you think would satisfy your need. Therefore, DUCO eyeglasses are the best solution and perfect for your eyes, health, and lifestyle. Below is Duco Blue light blocking glasses review to protect your eyes from the harmful blue wavelength energy.

Duco Blue Light Blocking Glasses Review

Duco Blue blocking glasses with anti-blue lens technology effectively protects and filter blue wavelength energy and allow healthy light into the eye. It is ideal for blocking harmful blue light emitted from a bulb, and digital devices like mobile phones, computer screens, iPad, and televisions.

Computer Glasses Specifications

  • Anti-blue light customizable lenses with zero pigment base
  • Item weight- 7.4 ounces
  • Overall glass dimension- 143mm by 142mm
  • The optical grade lens size is 54mm by 48mm
  • The nose Bridge width is 19mm

The super stylish Duco glasses are made from an ultra-lightweight material and the nose bridge is embedded with a silicone pad that is skin-friendly.

The significance of these features is to hold up your nose bridge more naturally and safely for those with sensitive skin for enhanced comfort and to stay on your nose bridge for prolonged hours.

Tough, Flexible, and Durable Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses

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Despite being ultra-lightweight, the advantage of wearing Duco blue light glasses is that its arms are bendable and also feature enhanced metal hinge construction.

The arms wireframe is also made from high-grade materials and embedded which makes it tough and resistant to breakage.

Its flexibility makes it durable because it prevents it from being damaged by sudden ground vibrations and avoids breaking. Moreover, you can bend it freely for customized fitting and the hinged metal allows you to open and close the temple with ease.

Unisex and Stylish Design


The entire frame and the glasses are classic-designed and fashionable and its flexible temples make it suitable for all gender fitting. They are also available in different colors; therefore. You can choose the color that is your favorite and suitable for your need.

These glasses will not only help you get more restful sleep than most computer glasses or video gaming glasses, they’ll help you wear them longer because Duco glasses are just so much more comfortable than most other computer gaming glasses.

Efficient and Effective Blue Light Blocking Glasses


The lenses of these Duco glasses are effective and efficient for blocking detrimental blue light energy from penetrating through your eyes. The lens features an HD lens with low chromatic aberration {zero pigment base} to soothe your eyes, and reduce eye fatigue.

That means that they don’t feel like heavily tinted lenses and don’t have the weird look of amber-tinted lenses or those with a yellow tint.

The low aberration lens will block blue light and reduce light pressure to relieve digital eyestrain while maintaining high light transmittance.

The blue light blocking HD lenses provide a perfect balance between viewing quality that is clear with detailed information without interfering with your normal vision and makes your screen time go better for extended use (and give you better sleep).



Duco anti-blue light computer gaming glasses are also cost-effective because their frame can be fitted with any custom lenses by any optometrist and vice versa. That means that you can take these best blue light lenses and have them fitted into your prescription glasses or reading glasses.

Easy to Maintain


Duco display glasses come with a gift-style package that includes a glasses case and a Superfine cloth pouch for housing the eyeglasses and preventing them from getting damaged when not in use. A cleaning cloth for wiping the fingerprint and dust and a mini-screwdriver for securing the hinges and making them firm.

Duco Computer Gaming Glasses Pros

  • It is pocket-friendly, cost-effective, and comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer
  • It is easy to maintain since it comes with a housing case and maintenance tools
  • It is manufactured from high-quality materials and the core wire is embedded making it more stable, durable, and not easy to break
  • The frame is flexible with a customizable lens
  • The anti-blue light HD and zero pigment base lens delivers high-quality vision with strong glare reduction
  • It is comfortable and lightweight
  • Its frame is Unique, stylish and unisex-designed
  • Skin-friendly silicone Nose Bridge

Duco Computer Gaming Glasses Cons

  • The temple arm rim frame is flexible making it fragile to lose shape easily, therefore you need to be careful about how you handle it.


The benefits of Duco anti-blue light eyeglass are immense and is ideal for gaming enthusiasts and those who spent prolonged period using digital devices.

The blue wavelength increases the risk of damaging photosensitive retinal ganglion cells which are receptors. Ganglion cells are connected directly to your hypothalamus and limbic system, a part of your brain that is responsible for controlling your moods, emotions, and sleep hormones.

Duco anti-blue light eyeglass is the best and pocket-friendly alternative for keeping your eyes healthy before your eyes get damaged beyond prevention.

Do you need blue light blocking glasses? No, you can always look away from your screen and reduce screen time in the evenings.

However, taking periodic breaks and limiting phone time after 5 pm are only temporary solutions.

With blue light blocking glasses, you can continue web browsing, watching tv, and stay on social media without disturbing your sleep.

What is your favorite benefit of the Duco blue light blocking glasses and why?

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