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Do I Need Computer Glasses?

Even if you feel like you have healthy eyesight, you shouldn’t be tempted to stare at the screen for way longer than you should.

Monitors and all screen types aren’t healthy for our eyes as they emit the artificial blue light in quantities that our eyes and mind don’t require on a daily basis.

You might have wondered – do I need computer glasses? And if you’re still asking yourself the same question, this article is for you. Not only you’ll find if computer glasses are a great fit for you, but you’ll also learn more about them and their benefits – so keep on reading!

What are Computer Glasses?


From their name, you can straight away deduce that these are special kinds of glasses that are used to stare and gaze at the computer screens. They are prescription glasses in the sense that they may only be acquired and utilized by and with the advice and the consent of the opticians.

These glasses work by reducing the glares and filtering out the blue lights to make the rays that strike your eyes weaker and more diffuse. Some have the ability to zoom in so that the wearer may behold those tiny pieces of literature and images easily.

They further stand apart from the normal glasses in the sense that they are specifically intended for reducing the eye strains that arises whenever you gaze at a computer screen for too long. In fact, most opticians recommend that you put them on if you must stay in front of a computer for longer than 8 hours.

Some of them are also crafted to remedy some inherent vision issues. These include shortsightedness and the itchiness of the eyes. Due to the tinted nature of these items, they also minimize the eye strains that are most likely to arise when you work for long.

How do Computer Glasses Work?


Reduce glare

They reduce glare by using their darker lens to diminish the strength of the incoming rays from the computer monitors. That makes you feel relaxed and well able to stare at the screens longer than you would under normal circumstances. They also reduce the premature damages to the eyes courtesy of this.

Filter blue light

Next, these lenses filter out the blue lights from the rays of light jut out from the computer screens. Thanks to this purpose, the glasses are able to let you behold the images in the exact shapes, forms, and boundaries they are in reality. This is due to the fact that they minimize distortions.

Magnifies tiny objects

Some of these glasses may also magnify tiny objects to make them more legible to the eyes. They have the ability to zoom in so that you may behold those tiny details that otherwise evade the attention of those with poorer eye sights. With regards to this, they greatly benefit those with eyesight issues.

Minimizes eye fatigue

In case you have to behold the images or stare at a screen for too long, these glasses are yet again here for you. They have the ability to greatly minimize eye fatigue by diminishing the strength of the oncoming rays as well as the strains on your eyes.

What’s the Difference Between Staring at the Screen With or Without Computer Glasses?


Below are the ways in which staring at a screen with a pair of glasses on differs from doing the same without glasses:

The strain on the eyes

You are more likely to experience greater eye strains if you stare at a screen without putting on any pair of glasses. Thus, the only way to avert this from happening is if you find and subsequently make do with a tinted pair of glasses.

The contrast of the images

They also uphold and enhance the quality of the images that are beheld by the computer screens. This they do by minimizing the distortions that are naturally bound to arise while also maintaining the integrity of the said images altogether. You cannot achieve this by staring at the screen normally.


For your own comfort, you would rather put on a pair of glasses. They have the ability to reduce the glares while also promoting great eye health. These two add up to make your work somewhat unimpeded and very fulfilling. They particularly facilitate prolonged viewing.


Staring at a screen for so long without putting in place the necessary eye protection does bring about unnecessary headaches and migraines. To be on the safe side of issues, you want to shield your eyes from the dangers that be by putting on some specialized computer eyeglasses.

Who are Computer Glasses For?


In a nutshell, computer eyeglasses are for everyone who spends more than a couple of hours in front of the screen. This is due to the following reasons:

These glasses are largely optimized for the purpose of upholding your comfort immensely. A combination of reducing glares, diminishing eye fatigue, and zooming the images all work to make your time at the screen somewhat comfortable and very fulfilling. This is particularly useful if you have to work longer.

Some of these glasses have the ability to zoom in and out. In doing these, they let you focus on specific tasks well. For instance, they may help to bring closer an image that is far away. Additionally, they also get to magnify the tiny details on the images for the purpose of easier viewing.

Just if you have some inherent eye issues, these pairs of glasses have you well taken care of. Some variants do have the ability to remedy some inherent eye issues like shortsightedness or hazy eyes. By choosing to work with them, you get to earn much more than you pay for.


You need no more conviction that these pairs of computer glasses are great and awesome for your reading and prolonged working in front of the computer. Since they’re so affordable, there is no reason not to give computer glasses a try and see how you feel.

Whether you spend a number of hours in front of the screen for work or for entertainment, screens are all around us and they’re hard to avoid.

Luckily, a solution is here and all you have to do is give it a try!

Did you ever try computer glasses? What benefits did you experience?

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