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Combination Reading and Computer Glasses Reviewed

In a hurry? Our top pick for Combination Reading and Computer Glasses is the Prospek Reading Glasses. It’s affordability, durability, and high quality make it a no brainer!

About 80% of American adults use digital devices on a daily basis, for more than two hours each day. More than 70% say that they use two devices at the same time. 

Recent studies show that around 35% of these users report feeling eye strain, loss of focus, neck-ache, and general discomfort. This doesn’t come as a big surprise.  

The effects of the blue light emitted from digital devices are serious. The good news is that they can be avoided by using computer glasses. Some of us also need reading glasses, and they can have the best of both worlds by using reading glasses that are also computer glasses, hence computer readers were born. 

In the coming sections, there’s more about reading glasses, blue light, computer glasses, and the PROSPEK spectacles, which we believe are very effective in clarifying texts and protecting your eyes from blue light. 

Do You Need Reading Glasses?

You can answer this by watching how your eyes respond to fine print. 

Reading books is your favorite pastime, but lately, your eyes have become watery and itchy. You have a dull ache in your back and neck, and you get a headache after reading a couple of pages. You can’t even concentrate on the words anymore! 

The same thing happens when you try to follow the figures on a spreadsheet or the texts written in small font on the margins. Reading anything at all on your mobile is the hardest and day by day it’s becoming a challenge.

You’re above forty and things suddenly change everywhere. Your performance in the gym is different, it’s less focused, and so is the way things appear on paper and on-screen. That’s normal and forties are still fun.  

You could overcome most of the previously mentioned discomfort by using reading glasses. A magnification power as little as +0.5 or +1 could get you back to your bookworm status, and on-screen words would be easy to read again. 

You just need to specify the magnification that works best for you. The type of device you work with also has an effect on that choice; reading glasses with your normal magnification power can be used with a smartphone, tablet, or book. PCs and laptops would be clearer with glasses having half that magnification. This is because of the difference in viewing distances. PCs and laptops are usually much closer to your eyes. 

This, however, might not eliminate eye strain completely. Because of all the blue light that hits your eyes all day long.      

Do You Need Computer Glasses? 

Blue light is a lovely color that exists naturally in the visible light spectrum, it’s healthy, cheerful, and it decreases significantly at night. The unnatural production of blue light is where it becomes harmful. 

Digital devices and LED light constantly give off blue light in that powerful wavelength. It’s worse than UV light in the way it reaches the retina and affects it. 

Blue light has negative effects in three major ways: it causes eye strain and fatigue, it could lead to visual impairment, and it gives us insomnia, as it tricks our brain that it’s still daylight. 

Back in the day, it was possible to recommend limiting screen time, but this is no longer an option. That’s why it’s necessary to protect our eyes from the blue light we’re constantly receiving. 

Some people say that they don’t use computer glasses because they think they don’t need them, or simply stated, ‘nobody suggested it’. You do need them, we all do. 

Are There Other Types of Glasses? 

Many people wear reading glasses nowadays, so you’re probably familiar with the regular prescription glasses. These glasses correct several eyesight issues, including astigmatism.

Some people are sensitive to light, it gives them migraines, their eyes get watery, and glare generally irritates them to the point where they have to turn off their laptops or close their books. There are also specialized glasses for these eye-sensitive folks.  

These types of glasses are different from reading and computer glasses. The lenses involved don’t just magnify text or keep off blue light. You get them after an eye examination and they’re made according to a medical prescription. 

PROSPEK Reading and Computer Glasses

These are stylish glasses that protect your eyes from the negative effects of blue light, and at the same time, offer you the magnification power of reading glasses. 

Special Features

Here are some points you should consider when looking to buy reading glasses that will also protect your eyes from harmful light., and how the PROSPEK performs in these aspects. 


You can choose the diopter strength or magnification factor that suits you. It has a range starting from +0.5 to +3.0, with 0.25 increments. This is one of the best features in these glasses, as it lets you fine-tune them. 

Most reading glasses have broader increments and you have to settle with glasses that are a little more or a little less than what’s comfortable for you.  

Blue Light Protection  

Regular computer glasses use a coating layer that absorbs blue light, but this layer is so yellow that it tints everything you see. This is so annoying when you work in graphic design, play games, or watch a movie.

PROSPEK technology protects your eyes with clear lenses. The patented coating layer used is almost transparent, so it doesn’t give you a distorted version of reality. It reflects the blue light and significantly reduces glare.

Frame Type 

It has a durable TR-90 frame, which is quite flexible, it bends and doesn’t break. I like to read in bed, and sometimes I doze off with the phone in my hand. 

Frameless glasses used to break and solid frames really hurt my nose bridge. The TR-90 frames respond well and they’re quite gentle on the face.

Design Style  

These glasses have an elegant design with their red and black colors, they’re a fashion statement item that’ll really make your style stand out. I feel like a different person when I wear things like that, it actually boosts my confidence a bit.

They’re unisex and the shape and size of the frame make it suitable for almost all face types. The glasses have a width of 5.35” and a height of 1.17”, the lenses have an optimal width of 2.09” and the arms are 5.19” long.  It’s also very flattering to most skin tones. 


The PROSPEK glasses have a 90-day money-back guarantee, which is a rare occurrence in the world of computer glasses. I like that they stand by their product that much.


Here’s the verdict on the PROSPEK combination glasses.  


  • Blocks 50% of all blue light
  • 8 protective coatings for effective filtration of harmful light
  • It doesn’t have the yellow tinted shade of similar glasses
  • It comes in 9 levels of magnification from +0.5 to +3


  • It’s a bit on the expensive side
  • The bold colors are specific to certain tastes and styles 

To Wrap it All Up

Some big problems can be solved with small solutions. Eye fatigue, headaches, and difficulty in reading words are reversible. It’s actually easier than ever before to counter them and be comfortable and safe while using your digital devices. 

Just get yourself a good pair of computer friendly reading glasses, like the PROSPEK glasses here. They’re worth it.  

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