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Gamma Ray Glasses Review


If you’ve been browsing for computer glasses but you can’t make up your mind – how about settling with affordable yet high-quality glasses such as Gamma Ray glasses? We were surprised at the huge difference in the price and quality. Trust us, even if you’re on the tightest budget – you’ll be able to protect … Read more

Vision Global Bifocal Computer Glasses Review


In the digital age, blue light is something we’re all overexposed to. Blue light is healthy, but at decent levels which are easy to acquire from the daylight and sun. However, all screens whether it’s a TV, laptop, or a mobile phone emit the blue light and most of us stare at our devices for … Read more

Cyxus Blue Light Filter Computer Glasses Review


In a hurry? Get your Cyxus glasses here on Amazon. Do you know an average person spends almost 11 hours in front of the computer, tablet, and smartphone screen every day? Our eyes are not naturally made for staring at screens for long hours. That is why many of us suffer from issues like headaches, … Read more

Eyekepper Vintage Computer Glasses Review

Eyekepper Vintage Computer Glasses Review

All about EyeKepper Computer Glasses Electronic devices can strain and fatigue the eyes. That is because hormonal abnormalities have been known to occur due to prolonged exposure to blue light. Harmful blue and UV light also interfere with sleeping patterns. Hence, computer glasses have been invented. These glasses promise to partially block the dry air … Read more

Gunnar Optiks Intercept Computer Glasses Review

Gunnar Optiks Intercept computer glasses are some of the highest rated and most durable computer glasses on the market. The Gunnar Optiks Intercept INT-06701 video gaming glasses are specifically designed to protect your eyes when playing video games or looking at screens for extended periods of time. They prevent eye strain, stress, and dry eyes … Read more

Swanwick Sleep Fitover Glasses Review

Woman with computer glasses looking at cell phone

This is a review of the Swannies Fitovers Blue Light Blocking Glasses Review While the advantages of technology are many, on the flip side, the excessive use of these gadgets with screens can have adverse detrimental effects on the general overall health of users! Whether you are at work, or at home chances are you … Read more

Spektrum Prospek Artist Computer Glasses on a wooden counter

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