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Spektrum Computer Glasses Review – Elite


All about Prospek Spektrum Computer Glasses This is a product review for the Spektrum Prospek Elite Computer Glasses. I received these glasses for free directly from Spektrum. The only thing they asked for in exchange was an honest review. Not only does this review feature in-depth research but I personally wore these computer glasses for … Read more

Swannies Glasses Review

All about the Swanwick Blue Light Blocking Glasses Why sacrifice your health to obtain pleasure or wealth? Living in a world without digital screens may be impossible but when you have a digitally effective solution to many issues such as eye strain, insomnia and macular degeneration, the technologically advanced world of today doesn’t look so … Read more

Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Women

Looking for the Best Computer Glasses for women? Keep reading! Long exposure to synthetic light is one of the major health hazards of living in the 21st century that are often left unobserved. Let’s be honest—almost all of us use technologies that use artificial and harmful lights, instead of resting our eyes and keeping away … Read more

Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Graphic Designers


In a hurry? – Our best overall pick for best blue light blocking glasses for graphic designers is the Umizato glasses. Their low color distortion, great customer service, and handy warranty make it a great buy for a good price. Graphic designers are lucky enough to work on their dream projects – but there’s one … Read more

Blueberry Blue Light Blocking Glasses Review


In case you’re looking for your first pair of blue light blocking glasses – congratulations! Being aware of the benefits of the best blue light blocking glasses, and actually taking action to protect your eyes is a big step forward. In this post, you’ll find one of the best blue light blocking glasses for a … Read more

Spektrum Prospek Artist Computer Glasses on a wooden counter

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