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Can You Wear Blue Light Blocking Glasses with Contacts?

Blue light glasses are one of the best investments you can make. Not only do they provide an incredible number of benefits, but they’re also very affordable to everyone around the world.

It even gets better.

It’s so easy to choose and purchase blue light blocking glasses that you won’t even have to visit your local optician.

But what if you’re wearing contacts? What happens then?

You’re in the right place as this article is all about that! Down below, you’ll learn if you can wear both blue light blocking glasses and computer glasses – or if there’s a better option, so keep on reading!

What’s the Purpose of Blue Light Blocking Glasses?


Blue light blocking glasses have one purpose and yet they provide dozens of benefits.

The main purpose of blue light blocking glasses is to block out a great percentage of the artificial blue light that’s coming from electronics and gadgets such as television, computer/laptop screen, smartphone, and others.

However, you have nothing to worry about as you will still be able to see colors as they are. And no, blue light won’t be removed from the color spectrum and you’ll still be able to see it as good as you did without the blue light blocking glasses.

So what are the benefits, you’re probably wondering?

Blue light blocking glasses can help reduce and eliminate most common symptoms. These are the symptoms most of us have been thinking are a normality in our lives and they include:

  • Computer headache
  • Sore eyes
  • Eyestrain
  • Reduce potential damage to the retina
  • Help sleep better

However, computer glasses as just glasses also help reduce the screen glare and improve clarity or even enhance colors for easier reading or viewing.

Therefore, if you never tried computer glasses – there’s only one thing we recommend. Give them a try and see the benefits for yourself!

Can You Wear Blue Light Blocking Glasses with Contacts?


If you’re wearing contacts, would wearing blue light blocking glasses make sense?

Yes, it definitely would. It would still provide the same benefits, but is it healthy to wear both glasses and contacts at the same time?

In theory, there’s nothing wrong with wearing computer glasses along with contacts. Blue light blocking glasses don’t make a big difference and their main purpose is to block out the artificial blue light.

Therefore, anything and anyone behind the lenses of blue light blocking glasses will experience the benefits.

But will you 100% be able to experience all benefits of blue light blocking? Yes, that’s guaranteed as there’s nothing in between the lenses and contacts that will make any difference.

However, depending on the contacts type you’re wearing, there might be a minor glare from the glasses lenses that will be very close to the contacts.

Is there anything you can do about this?

There sure is, but it will be a bit pricer option. Therefore, we highly recommend trying out computer glasses over contacts first before checking out the next option!

Is Getting a Pair of Prescribed Glasses with Blue Light Filter a Better Idea?


Remember the pricier option we’ve mentioned earlier?

It’s getting computer glasses with your prescription, yet ensure that they feature a blue light blocking filter.

Blue light blocking glasses became so popular that the same blocking filter is integrated into more and more prescribed lenses.

It’s definitely a better idea, but this means that you’ll have to go to your local optician and get regular glasses made that you’ll be using whenever you’re on a computer or using a smartphone.

This might not be the most practical idea if you’re not spending at least a couple of hours straight on your computer.

Unfortunately, we are not aware of contacts that feature blue light blocking protection – but that would be ultimately the best option. There are only a couple of companies breaking into this market, but that’s something we predict that contacts with blue light blocking filter are something we’re going to see very soon!

Of course, we don’t recommend waiting – especially if you spend hours in front of the computer daily.

You should always think of the benefits your eyes would experience, so keep on reading to learn more about it!

Benefits of Protecting Your Eyes Even if You Wear Contacts


No matter the way, you should definitely start protecting your eyes. The more strain your eyes are put through, the worse effect it will have in the long-term.

Digital eye strain is definitely something we’re all put through with the increased popularity of remote working, smartphones, and gadgets.

It’s really crazy to see how many people are just fighting these symptoms off, thinking they’re something normal that “happens” just because they spend a great number of hours in front of the computer.

We were all taught not to sit too close to the screen and not to spend too much time in front of our computers. However, that’s impossible to follow in the modern world we live in.

But the answer is right in front of your eyes!

And if you take action and start protecting your eyes, here are some of the biggest benefits you can experience:

  • Ease of digital eye strain
  • Glare reduction
  • No migraines
  • No dry eyes
  • No blurred vision
  • No more having a hard time falling asleep

These are just some of the benefits, but in case you didn’t know – being overly exposed to artificial blue light can mess up with your sleeping schedule by tricking your brain you’re not ready to fall asleep, when in fact, you’re feeling very tired but not sleepy!


Hopefully, we’ve answered all your questions. So can you wear blue light blocking glasses with contacts?

All you have to do is give it a try and see if it works for you! If you’re looking for a quality pair of blue light blocking glasses – we have plenty of reviews that can help.

However, if you need additional help – don’t hesitate to share this post and leave your comment below!

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