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Can You Wear Blue Light Blocking Glasses Outside?

The blue light blocking glasses are extensively used indoors especially by those who sit in front of the computers for a very long time. This pair of glasses filter out the blue light to minimize the damages that the light potentially brings about to the eyes.

These include excess eye strains, eye fatigue, and imperiled visions.

But there are some people who say that the glasses may also be used outdoors. Is this true? Are there any benefits of doing so?

Could there be any hidden dangers? Let us examine these questions here below. We shall also provide relevant explanations where possible.

How Blue Light Blocking Glasses Work?


As hinted earlier, the blue light blocking glasses work by filtering out the blue light. In this way, it blocks out the transmission of a variety of wavelengths that emanates from a couple of gadgets. Further to this, the glasses also prevent glare that lessens the strain on your eyes.

By reason of all these, the glasses keep you more refreshed even when you have to sit indoors for far too long. On the same note, they spare you from the likelihood of experiencing blurry visions or the menace of dry eyes. This can never be any better for a person who is inclined to loss of vision or other eye problems.

Outside the core role of filtering out the blue light, these glasses also minimize glare. The glares are not great for the pupils of the eyes as they tend to have a blinding impact. Their ability to minimize glare is derived from the coating that adorns the lens.

On account of this, the pairs may be useful for someone whose role entails staring too much at shiny items. The welders of people who have to sit in front of a computer may find it particularly useful to their ends.

Are Blue Light Blocking Lenses Ideal for the Outdoors?


Yes! The blue light may be put on in the outdoor areas, for the following reasons:

Reduce ultraviolet radiation

The pair of glasses reduce the harmful ultraviolet radiation. It does this by blocking out this harmful radiation from penetrating the eyes and posing the associated damages. In return, it sees to it that the eye is maintained in a proper state of health, to enable you to see clearly.

Minimize glares

They also bear some coating to block out excess sunlight from penetrating into the eyes. Thanks to this arrangement, the glasses minimize glares greatly. With reduced levels of glares come an elevated degree of comfort on your eyes. You badly need these pairs if you have to stay out for longer.

Filter out the blue light

Of course, the primary role of this pair of glasses is to filter out the blue light. This kind of light is also abundantly found out in nature over and above the computer and the smartphone screens. By putting them on outdoors, you get to spare your eyes of the harm and the strains that come along.

Protect your eyes from physical objects

Besides the light sources, the eyes may also be affected by sharp physical objects like pebbles, twigs, and needles. The glasses also protect the delicate eyes from these agents of damages. They do this by the lenses that form a barrier right in front of the eyeballs.

Should You Use Blue Light Blocking Glasses When Working Outdoors?


No! You are generally advised against putting on these glasses when working outdoors. The following reasons are to explain that:

Enhanced visibility

The blue light filter compromises the visibility of the objects as it takes away the blue color. This is particularly crucial for those tasks and in those areas that demand exceptionally high levels of visibility. The case is even more applicable in areas that have a lower level of sunlight.

Tap into the natural light

That natural light is good for your eyes is certainly not in doubt. Why would you want to forfeit the same? One sure way of tapping into this natural light is to put off any kind of glass at all. That leaves your eyes exposed to the bare light.

Great for your eyes

It is always good to leave your eyes to adapt to the prevailing environmental conditions. That includes the degree of the intensity of the sunlight. Putting on glasses weakens the ability of the eyes to adapt to these conditions and may also accelerate the pace of aging altogether.

Should you Wear Blue Light Blocking Glasses All the Time?


No! You may only put on the light under exceptional circumstances. These include:

Higher illumination

If you are in an area that has a higher-than-average level of illumination, you may have to put on a pair of glasses. The glasses in this case serve to reduce the intensity of the light to make the same less harmful to your eyes. They do bear some exterior coating to enable this to be achieved.

Artificial light

In case you work or reside in a place that has artificial light, you may need to put on a pair of glasses to help your eyes to cope with the same. The human eyes were never designed to work under artificial light conditions. At such times, these pairs come in handy to aid with proper sights.

Inherent eye problems

Just if you have some underlying eye problems, you may yet again put on the blue light glasses. The glasses minimize strains and reduce glares. In doing these, they greatly alleviate the pains that the eyes may have to contend with whenever the same have to see under artificial light conditions.


Whereas the blue light glasses are great, they are not supposed to be put on all the time. They are better put on strictly indoors or in the event that there is the need to take care of some inherent eyesight problems. You hence have to take good care of this fact as you use them.

Also, you have to see to it that you abide by the prescriptions and the directions of the trained optician as you go about this business. You do not want to take any course of action that may be disparaging to the state of the health of your eyes.

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