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Can Blue Light Blocking/Computer Glasses Help Your Career?

If you’re spending 40 or more hours a week in front of the screen for work, enjoy watching movies on your TV at home, or even browse the web on your personal laptop or tablet – you might feel your eyes being tired, vision blurred, and even experience sleeping problems.

Even though spending a lot of time in front of electronics might seem like a normal thing to do in the modern world – some people can’t even escape it if their work evolves around the computer.

You might not know it right now, but your eyes might be suffering. And sooner than you know it, they might be an obstacle to your work productivity.

In this post, you will find one of the simplest ways to protect your eyes at all times whether you’re at work or at home – so keep on reading!

What are Computer Glasses and How They Work?


Computer glasses are very similar to the regular glasses most of us might be already wearing. The main difference is the lenses.

At first, the lenses of computer glasses might look very similar to the ones you will find in regular glasses.

However, the main role of computer glasses is to block out blue light. You can choose computer glasses with magnification, get prescribed computer glasses with your prescription, but also use computer glasses with no magnification or prescription (in case you aren’t wearing regular glasses).

Therefore, someone who has never worn glasses and doesn’t need to wear glasses can still benefit from a pair of computer glasses because the most important thing they do is they block the blue light.

But why would glasses need to block out the blue light?

Blue light isn’t bad for us, but being overly exposed to artificial blue light from screens, laptops, TVs, and even smartphones can be harmful to our eyes and mind.

That’s why most of you experience computer headaches, watery eyes, or even sleep problems.

However, by blocking out artificial blue light from screens, we still get to see other colors as usual without even noticing a slight lack in blue color. On the other hand, this helps improve the health of our eyes and even use computers for longer without headaches.

These are just some of the benefits, but keep on reading how blue light blocking glasses can benefit everyone who is overly exposed to blue light.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses Benefits


Computer glasses are also known as blue light blocking glasses because it’s their main purpose.

But to what extent could you experience the benefits after wearing the glasses? Most of the manufacturers were able to prove how their computer glasses can block out blue light with a simple test kit you might even receive with the purchase of computer glasses.

The main benefits of blue light blocking glasses are:

  • Anti-reflective & anti-glare coat
  • Can block UV radiation emitted by the screen
  • Help increase brightness without harming the eyes
  • Make it easier to look at the screen for longer
  • Eliminate the overexposure to the blue light

And here are some of the results of computer glasses that come with the benefits:

  • Reduce or eliminate computer headaches
  • Eliminate sore, watery, or blurry eyes
  • Eliminate migraines
  • Help improve sleep pattern

What most people don’t know about blue light is that it can delay the release of a hormone called melatonin which is known as a sleep hormone.

Therefore, people who are having difficulties falling asleep, staying asleep, or get a quality night sleep – they often look for problems elsewhere.

But without being aware of the blue light we are exposed to every day – you might not even understand that it is the possible reason for all types of sleeping problems.

Healthline studies show that by wearing blue light blocking glasses even in a lit room, you can eliminate the blue light and your body will produce as much melatonin as it if was dark.

Therefore, watching a TV or browsing the internet on the phone is still considered to be healthy, as long as you block out the blue light.

How Can Blue Light Blocking Glasses Help Your Career?


If blue light blocking glasses can help you improve your sleep, reduce or eliminate the headaches, and even improve the overall health of your eyes – it can do a lot for your career too.

Just the way sitting at work for a long period of time isn’t good – so isn’t the prolonged staring at screens any good for your body.

However, by getting a pair of computer glasses, you can still be able to do the same job without harming your eyes, mind, or even messing up your body clock.

In the long run, you will start feeling a lot more energetic, your eyes won’t be sore, and you could still get a lot of work or entertainment done on any gadgets or electronic devices even after you get home from work!

Needless to say, computer glasses are increasing in their popularity and are often recommended by health professionals as well.

And thanks to the manufacturers who do their best to produce quality and stylish computer glasses – you will be able to rock them without anyone knowing they’re computer glasses.

They used to feature tinted (usually yellow) lens coating, but today, they come with regular transparent lenses.

And if you’re convinced and ready to start browsing, check out our post where we featured some of the best computer glasses you can get for a pretty affordable price.

Even if you aren’t convinced at this point, we highly recommend you just try a pair. Computer glasses are very affordable and a lot of manufacturers offer a 30-day money-back guarantee so there’s nothing to lose!


Did you ever see someone wearing computer glasses? You might have but you didn’t know it at that time!

As you can see, blue light blocking glasses benefits is something that could change someone’s life or improve it to a certain level that it would make a career that involves exposure to screens a lot more comfortable.

What are your thoughts on computer blocking glasses? Do you think they are able to fix a lot of issues?

We would love to hear from you, so feel free to leave a comment down below and let us know what you think!

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