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Are Blue Light Blocking Glasses a Good Fit for Phone Use?

Everyone has a smartphone in their pocket and we’re hooked on it daily – but did you ever consider the damage it does to your eyes?

Phone screens and any other type of screens emit artificial blue light which isn’t healthy for our eyes and yet we’re all being overly exposed to it.

We all ignore the most common symptoms and we consider it as something “normal” in the modern age we live in.

However, did you ever wonder if there’s a way to keep your eyes healthy without having to lower the use of your smartphone?

In this article, you’ll find more information about the blue light filter for phone which is a type of protection that is included in computer glasses (also known as blue light blocking glasses).

What are Blue Light Blocking Glasses?


Now that we’ve mentioned the blue light blocking glasses – you’re probably curious. What are they, how do they work, and why should you get a pair?

You might have heard plenty of times someone saying that they’re lucky because they don’t have to wear glasses.

But what they probably don’t know is that they would benefit at least from blue light blocking glasses. We can’t escape the screens, but we can protect our eyes without sacrificing anything.

Blue light blocking glasses look like regular glasses, but they don’t feature magnification or prescription. Instead, the lenses come with a blue light filter that can block out up to 75% of blue light.

Researches and studies have shown that this is more than enough to keep our eyes healthy and yet avoid symptoms such as:

  • Computer headache
  • Dry eyes
  • Red or watery eyes
  • Blurry vision
  • Migraines
  • Inability to fall asleep

Blue light can affect you much more than you think. In fact, blue light can delay the release of a sleep hormone called melatonin. If you’ve ever felt like your body is tired and yet your mind wasn’t ready for sleep – this is what this symptom would’ve felt like.

Can You Use Blue Light Filter for Phone?


Blue light blocking glasses are also known as computer glasses – but this doesn’t mean that they are only made for computers.

Instead, these glasses can be used for any screen use, including smartphones.

Even though smartphones come with way smaller screens than computers – prolonged use of smartphones can still affect our eye health and we would still experience the same symptoms of being overly exposed to the artificial blue light.

And the great thing about these glasses is that one type fits all screens so you don’t have to worry about having a couple of pairs.

Also, any type of blue light blocking glasses will block blue light efficiently, no matter the device you’re using or the screen you’re staring at.

Who Will Benefit from Blue Light Blocking Glasses?


The best thing about blue light blocking glasses is that anyone can benefit from them, as long as they wear them every time they use a device with a screen.

And since computer glasses feature only one type of protection (blue light filter), you won’t have to worry about finding a specific type of glasses.

Whether you’ve never worn glasses in your life before or you’re only using reading glasses – you will benefit from blue light blocking glasses.

And the great thing is that anyone, even the kids can benefit from these glasses as almost everyone throughout the world is having some kind of daily association with the screens.

But what if you are wearing regular (prescription) glasses or reading glasses? Can you still wear computer glasses?

The great thing about computer glasses is that you can! How?

Most quality blue light blocking glasses offer the ability to choose magnification. However, if you don’t wear reading glasses – you don’t need to choose the magnification strength.

And what if you are wearing prescribed glasses?

You have two options. You can either contact your local optician and see if they can add a blue light filter to your existing glasses. Or you can find a quality computer glasses manufacturer that also adds prescription to computer glasses.

This way, you will be able to have both and keep your eyes protected at all times! Even though the whole process might seem a bit complicated right now – trust us, it’s not!

And the best thing is – once you sort it out, your eyes will be protected at all times.

Where to Find a Quality Pair of Computer Glasses?


Depending on the type of glasses you require – the process of getting a quality pair of computer glasses will be a bit different.

However, it’s a very simple process and believe it or not – you can get a quality pair of computer glasses right from your laptop or smartphone on Amazon.

And what’s even better yet is that you can have it delivered within a day or two. Protecting your eyes is important and that’s why you should take action as soon as possible to start wearing your computer glasses.

We wrote many review posts on some of the best computer glasses available on the market, so check that out!

However, if you are currently wearing prescribed glasses, it’s highly recommended to visit your local optician first.

But if you require magnification (for reading), you don’t need to worry about that. Many quality manufacturers offer this feature at the point of purchase at Amazon.


Did you ever notice the symptoms of spending too much time in front of the screen? What do you think about the blue light filter for phone?

If you’re still in doubt – we highly recommend you check out computer glasses that come with a blue light test kit.

With the help of this kit, you can check the efficiency of the blue light filter inside the computer glasses.

Did you ever experience any symptoms? What is the worst symptom you’ve experienced after using the phone or computer for more than just a couple of hours?

We’d love to hear back from you so feel free to leave a comment below!

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