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TruVision Black Computer Glasses Review

We spend a lot of our time staring at digital screens, don’t we?

A couple of decades ago, there was only TV screen, but now, we sit in front of the computer, smartphone, and tablet screens for hours without considering the fact that UV and blue lights coming from them are not good for our eyes as well as for our psychological health.

According to modern studies, the use of smartphones and tablets can result in sleeping disorders due to UV and blue lights that come from the screen. In addition, spending time in front of all these screens can result in dry eyes, headaches, fatigue and blurred visions.

What makes things worse? Our kids on average spend five hours a day on these devices that is causing insomnia and other sleeping disorders, as blue screen affects the quality of sleep. Are you worried? There is no need to if you are using protection that is available in the form of computer glasses.

Using the computer and smartphone for hours every day can affect our eyesight and can also cause chronic eye issues like retina damage. That is the reason why it is vital for you and your family to use protective computer glasses like the one manufactured by TruVision.

In this article, we will review the computer glasses manufactured by TruVision, and if it is really a quality product compared to other similar computer glasses.

TruVision Readers Computer Reading Glasses 9601-2-Black-0.50
  • Blue Light Blocking: The lenses have a special coating that filters out harmful blue light, reducing eye strain caused...
  • UV Protection & Anti-Reflective: These glasses include UV protection and control reflection of rays from the inside.
  • High Quality Crystal Clear or Black Tinted Acrylic Lenses Provide Sharp Clarity Reducing Eye Strain Lenses Feature Anti...
  • Each pair of unisex computer reading glasses is accompanied by a cloth microfiber bag. It is ideal for keeping your...
  • Quality and Satisfaction Guarantee Each pair of Computer Reading Glasses is protected by our Brand Guarantee Our product...

TruVision Black Computer Glasses Features

TruVision Black Computer Glasses are simple in design but stylish. Available in black color, the unisex design looks perfect on you no matter if you are a man or woman. It is also made of high-quality plastic. The design is also perfect and addresses all issues with common glasses like wobbly screws, poor-quality temples, and flimsy springs.

  • Features Dura-Tight screws and ultra-durable Sure-Flex comfort spring arms
  • Dimensions:
    Lens width 2.25 inches
    Lens height 1.25 inches
    Temple 5.35 inches
    Total width 5.35 inches
    Bridge distance 0.75 inches
  • The package also includes two multipurpose microfiber cleaning bags that also act as cleaning cloth


  • Come in a pack of two to keep one at home and one at workplace
  • Unisex
  • Come with a six months warranty
  • The use of Sure-Flex comfort spring arms makes it durable as well as comfortable.
  • Effectively block harmful UV and blue light from computer screen
  • Relieve mild headaches, dry red eyes, and eye irritations


  • Available only in one size


The TruVision Reading Computer glasses are a good fit for those who are looking for comfort, protection, and style. They make you look elegant with their modern style, add comfort with their unique design, and provide protection by keeping harmful rays away.

While most computer glasses have a yellow tint, this pair uses slight blue tint that makes it unique but serves the same purpose. It effectively protects you from UV and blue rays, dry eyes, headaches, fatigue, and blurred visions. Also, the lenses used have zero magnification.

TruVision vs Cyxus

There are plenty of reasons why TruVision Black Computer Reading Glasses are superior to many other similar glasses. First, unlike many other products, this product comes with two pairs of glasses that add convenience for people who prefer not to carry glasses to their home and office. You can simply have one at your workplace and another at your home.

In addition, if you compare it to another popular product, Cyxus Blue Light Filter UV Blocking Glasses, you can notice a significant difference in design. For example, the TruVision Computer Glasses use a blue tint, while the Cyxus Computer Glasses use a dark yellow tint. The lenses of TruVision have a rectangular design, but the Cyxus are sort of round in design.

So, it depends on your personal preference which one you want, a rectangular lens design or a round design. Both are effective in blocking harmful rays, but since Cyxus uses dark yellow tinted lenses, it blocks 99% of the blue light which makes it more protective.

Simply put, TruVision is a good option if you are looking for style, comfort and moderate protection against blue and UV light. But if you don’t want to compromise on best UV light protection, then Cyxus is probably the better option.

Final Verdict

TruVision Black Computer Glasses are a perfect fit for those who want their eyes covered all the time. It is sold in a set of two, so you can keep one at home and one at the workplace to make sure your eyes are protected all the time.

As it comes in two pairs and has a unisex design, it is also a good option for couples. Simply put, it is a perfect solution to your sleepless nights due to blue light exposure. It comes in black color and an elegant design that adds personality to your looks. All in all, there is no reason not to try these.

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