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Best Computer Vision Syndrome Glasses

Blue light blocking glasses or computer glasses – these are some of the terms you might have heard for a couple of years now.

We all know everything about regular and reading glasses – but what are computer glasses and how do they help us?

In this article, you won’t only find out everything you need to know about computer glasses, but you will also find some of the best glasses for computer eye strain.

That’s right. It’s proven that computer glasses can reduce eye strain, help eliminate the computer migraines, and provide a lot more benefits for our eyes and mind.

If you keep on reading, by the end of the article, you’ll most likely be browsing for your pair of computer glasses, so stick around and don’t miss out on the possible benefits – especially if you’re constantly around the screens whether it’s a laptop, TV, or mobile phone.

Do I Really Need Glasses for the Computer?


It’s very simple to determine whether you need regular or reading glasses – but how do you know if you need glasses for the computer?

The truth is – almost 80% of people we know could benefit from computer glasses. Even I am guilty of spending a lot of time in front of the screen.

You can try and avoid screens throughout the day, but in some situations, you just can’t. Spending a lot of time in front of the computer, especially if you do it for a living, can be harmful to your eyes and even mind.

What I like about computer glasses is that they have a very low-entry barrier and you don’t even need to visit your local optician to get a pair. They’re very similar to reading glasses – but instead of providing required magnification, computer glasses provide protection from the light screens emit.

Therefore, everyone can give computer glasses a try, and if you’re in doubt – I highly recommend trying them out as they can’t do any harm at all, but instead, they can provide plenty of benefits you might have not even acknowledged.

Computer glasses feature a different type of lens which makes the choice process and selection very simple even if you’ve never worn glasses before.

Therefore, if you’d want to learn more about computer glasses, its benefits, and what makes a great pair of computer glasses – keep on reading!

Why Computer Glasses?


Almost everyone spends a lot more time in front of the screen than they’d like to admit – and that’s okay. So you can see a reason why computer glasses were invented.

Their sole purpose is to protect our eyes – but how do they do it?

Every screen produces a regular color spectrum and yet scientists have realized that blue light screens emit isn’t good for us because we’re overly exposed to it.

We get a decent amount of blue light from nature and yet being exposed for hours to emitted blue light from the screen isn’t good for our eyes, mind, or even sleep.

Being overly exposed to blue light can lead to sore eyes, headaches, watery eyes, migraines, and it can even mess up our sleeping cycle.

Blue light is known to delay the release of sleep-inducing melatonin. Therefore, we stay alert for longer and this can reset our body’s internal clock (also known as circadian rhythm) to a later schedule.

In the modern age we live in, it’s hard to hide from screens, no matter whether you use them for entertainment or work.

However, protecting your eyes from overly exposing yourself to the blue light with the help of computer glasses is the easiest option.

But with plenty of computer glasses to choose from, how do you know which ones are ideal for your eyes? Going for the established brand who produces quality computer glasses for years is not a bad idea – and one of those brands is Gunnar.

However, other than mentioning Gunnar, we’ll also show you how to determine the quality of computer glasses yourself so you can choose from any brand out there – so keep on reading!

Computer Glasses from Gunnar Optiks


Gunnar Optiks is one of the established companies that produce quality all-purpose computer glasses which are engineered to perfection so they can eliminate digital eye strain and block artificial blue light.

Remember how I said that anyone can get a pair of computer glasses? That’s true, and yet Gunnar Optiks took it to another level by patenting computer eyewear which is recommended by doctors to protect your vision and eliminate the harmful blue light.

Gunnar Optiks has also been very well known in the gaming world where they’ve sponsored an eSport team Fnatic by providing their latest blue light blocking glasses suitable for gamers.

Even though they provide plenty of computer eyewear for gaming – they also have all sorts of different frames and lens types.

The most popular option is Intercept/Onyx by Gunnar which also gives you a frame choice of 7 different frames and a lens choice of 5 lenses.

GUNNAR - Premium Gaming and Computer Glasses - Blocks 65% Blue Light - Intercept
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Lens Design for Computer Eyeglasses

The lens design is very similar to regular and reading glasses when it comes down to computer glasses – they often feature a clear lens with about 60% magnification.

However, you can also find computer eyeglasses that don’t feature magnification at all, or some of them feature a variety of magnification levels which you can choose from. If you require a magnification level, the magnification level you require will depend on how far you sit from the screen.

Also, some of the lenses are clear and others are yellow coated for better protection. The yellow coated lens is known to block UV light as well, and some brands such as Gunnar Optiks also feature computer glasses which are ideal to be used outdoors so they feature sun protection as well.

Combining your regular prescription into computer eyeglasses is also possible but you’ll have to visit your local optician to make this possible.

However, since the lens is very similar to the lens used for regular and reading glasses – you shouldn’t have trouble finding the right computer glasses lenses for you, especially if you have worn glasses before.

Lens Coating and Tints


Computer glasses usually feature a yellow tint since it’s the tint that blocks blue light efficiently, however, with modern technology – clear lenses are available as well.

Along with the special coating and tint to block the blue light, some computer glasses can block UV light too.

Of course, you should also lookout for an anti-reflective finish (known as an anti-glare finish). This might be important since reflection itself can cause eye stress.

Where to Purchase Computer Glasses

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You might know what makes the best glasses for computer eye strain, but when it comes down to taking action and shopping – where do you purchase a pair of glasses for your needs?

If you remember, I’ve mentioned that you don’t need to visit your local optometrist, yet you can purchase computer glasses directly online. I highly recommend Amazon since it has a wide range of computer glasses and they all come from quality brands that stand behind their products and offer decent warranty coverage, along with the accessories that come included.

Click here to browse some of the best computer glasses sold on Amazon!

What are Computer Glasses?

As you can tell by now, computer glasses are just like regular glasses, yet they come with lenses that can block out blue light.

They can also come with prescription, magnification, or just a clear lens that blocks out blue light.

Therefore, computer glasses help reduce eye strain, headache, migraine, watery eyes, and they can even improve sleep by reducing exposure to artificial blue light from the screens.

There are 3 main types of computer glasses which you should know before making your choice:

  • Monofocal
  • Bifocal
  • Trifocal

You might have seen these terms already if you wear regular or reading glasses – but let me explain so you can understand it better.


Monofocal glasses feature a clear lens known as single-vision glasses that offer optical correction which is ideal for the distance between the eyes and the screen.

They are ideal for users who want to see the whole screen with minimal head movements. However, keep in mind that distant or objects closer than the screen will look blurry.

If you’d like to get computer glasses that are ideal for both screen and closer than screen objects such as bifocal glasses.



Bifocal glasses are a type of computer glasses that combine a clear lens with a lower section that is ideal for reading objects closer to the screen.

Therefore, you might not have the full uninterrupted vision at the screen, but the items closer than the screen won’t look blurry.

This is ideal for someone who is using a laptop or computer for work and yet still has to use reading glasses to write on a paper or read from various forms.



As you might guess, trifocal computer glasses come with a lens that combines lens for far vision, close vision, and screen vision.

Trifocal lens limits vision the most, however, it provides the ability to look further than the screen or closer than the screen without experiencing blurry vision.

What I have noticed when using trifocal computer glasses is that you have to do a little bit more of head movement while staring at the screen.

Some people who don’t need to correct their vision should go with monofocal type of computer glasses. However, if you wear reading glasses – you could combine computer glasses & reading glasses by going for a bifocal type of computer glasses.

Combining regular glasses, reading glasses, and computer glasses are possible with the trifocal type of computer glasses. However, you should give it a try before making an order and you should definitely visit your optometrist.


Are Computer Glasses Necessary? Do They Help?

Computer glasses aren’t necessary, but they are very helpful and I highly recommend at least giving them a try. Most people aren’t aware of the harmful effects of being overly exposed to artificial blue light – and who knows, maybe you are suffering because of the same problem without even knowing it.

Scientists have proven that overexposure to artificial blue light is harmful to our eyes, mind, body, and even body clock & sleep. And we also have opticians producing quality lenses that actually block blue light (can be tested) so you should definitely give it a try and possibly experience the benefits first hand.

If I Sit in Front of a Computer 16 Hours a Day – Do I Need Computer Glasses?

I would highly recommend everyone who spends more than an hour in front of the screen to wear computer glasses.

Someone who spends closely to 16 hours a day in front of a screen might have sleeping problems due to the imbalance in the inner body clock caused by a delayed release of sleep-inducing melatonin.

If you wear any other glasses, don’t let that stop you from getting bifocal or even trifocal type of computer glasses.

Conclusion – Computer Eye Syndrome

Just like the harmful effects of blue light are proven, computer glasses are also proven to work at blocking the blue light.

Therefore, benefits you might have heard or read about that are related to blue light are definitely true, and in fact, giving computer glasses a try will help you experience at least some benefits.

Not only you know what makes great computer glasses, but I’ve also listed some of the best glasses for computer eye strain. If you’re suffering from eye strain, computer headache, or even migraine – try giving computer glasses a try and experience the results first-hand.

Did you ever try computer glasses? What were your first thoughts, and did you experience the benefits?

Feel free to leave a comment down below, but if you need any help or have any questions – leave them down in the comments as well and I will do my best to help you out!

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