Best Gaming Computer Glasses (Review)

The eSports industry is on the rise and according to sources such as PRNewsWire – the video gaming industry is already bigger than the TV industry.

Can you believe that?

Not all games are the same, but some of the best games are often competitive games which are played in the teams. And if you’ve ever watched professionals compete in these games – you could’ve come across players who wore gaming glasses.

These glasses were advertised often, and they were a bit different than regular glasses since they had yellow coated lenses.

But the technology has advanced and we bet that you can’t spot a difference between regular and gaming glasses today.

Are you wondering why are gaming glasses needed and what are some of the best gaming glasses available to any gamer out there?

Keep on reading as that’s exactly what you’ll find in this article!

Why Would You Need Special Glasses for Gaming?


Most gamers think that some of the best gaming glasses out there can give you an advantage in the game. And since it’s a competitive industry – it wouldn’t be fair to have a third-party advantage, right?

Of course, but it’s not true that gaming glasses give you an advantage in any type of game.

But why would you need special glasses for gaming, you might wonder?

The main reason is to protect your eye health.

Professional gaming is a thing, and believe it or not – the only way to get better is to practice so you can easily find professional gamers spending 8+ hours in front of the computer screen.

And you probably know that computer screens aren’t very healthy for our eyes. The main reason they’re not healthy is that they expose our eyes to artificial blue light.

Such prolonged exposure to blue light is known to cause a lot of symptoms such as blurred vision, computer headaches, sore eyes, and much more.

It goes so far that blue light can even affect our sleep hormone known as melatonin which can lead to insomnia.

We’ve covered blue light and its effects in many posts – so we highly recommend reading more about it to find out how it can help you out.

But continue reading as we’ll show you some of the best gaming glasses that can protect your eyes for a very inexpensive price.

Best Gaming Glasses

Not only gamers protect their eyes with the help of computer glasses – but gaming glasses are a very inexpensive investment that will help you protect your eyes and yet feel no symptoms, no matter how many hours you spend in front of your computer screen.

Down below, we’ve reviewed and listed some of the best glasses for gaming that anyone can afford.

Gunnar Optiks Gaming Glasses


Gunnar Optiks is the most known manufacturer of some of the best gaming glasses available on the market.

They offer a wide range of glasses that are ideal for computers, but we also like how they specifically focus on gamers throughout their lineup of blue light filtering glasses.

This right here is one of their most popular gaming glasses models and there are high chances you’ve noticed them being advertised on some of the biggest gaming events in the world.

More importantly, these are one of the glasses that are being used by professional gamers you all follow.

These gaming glasses feature wide format lenses which are tinted (yellow coating) that don’t only help block blue light, but they also help block harmful UV light while replicating natural light and minimizing eye strain.

Eye strain is the gamers’ number one enemy and Gunnar glasses design their lenses in comfortable and durable wide frames.

We’ve noticed that this frame also features a comfortable nose rest which is a bit curved to adapt to almost any nose type there is.

Also, we’ve noticed that these glasses don’t block 100% of blue light, but they block enough blue light (about 75%) to prevent harmful effects and yet still feature no difference in colors when wearing these gaming glasses.

PlayStation Blue Light Blocking Glasses


Everyone knows PlayStation, right? Sony is the most popular console manufacturer in the console gaming industry.

They often include additional accessories such as Playstation Virtual Reality headset, joysticks, and many others.

However, did you ever know that PlayStation produces its own blue light blocking glasses for gamers?

That’s right!

These glasses are an official Sony product which is designed for every gamer out there who wants to enjoy their games without having to worry about eyes or deal with uncomfortable symptoms of blue light exposure.

PlayStation glasses feature amber lenses that are coated with a yellow protective coating which can block out about 90% of blue light. Along with the blue light, these gaming glasses also block harmful UV lights.

One thing that we noticed is that this coating is really great at reducing glare coming from the windows, screen, or the glasses themselves.

Another positive thing is that they can also increase contrast perception which leads to more sharp on-screen details.

And if you’re a gamer who is chasing that competitive edge, you’ll be able to compete even after dozens of hours on a daily basis without feeling like your eyes will give up.

What we love the most is the natural arc design which curves the nose pads, makes the glasses more comfortable to wear and reduces pressure on the nose.

Combine this with the lightweight yet durable frame, and you will even forget that you’re wearing them during your gaming hours.

Gunnar Mercury Gaming Glasses


What we like the most about Gunnar is not that they only provide efficient eye protection for gamers, but they are also providing different frames that will fit everyone’s style.

These gaming glasses from Gunnar are based on the Mercury frame style which looks very sharp and yet is modern, elegant, and lightweight.

The lenses are covered with a yellow coating which doesn’t change the way you see colors on the screen, but it can efficiently filter blue light and eliminate UV light.

These lenses also can enhance contrast and color spectrum so you can increase focus through your vision without sacrificing the health of your eyes.

The curved design of these glasses is made to fit most face shapes and sizes which we find to be perfect. We believe that this curved design provides more comfort.

But what’s one of the most important things for gamers who wear glasses? Not being distracted or limited by the frame.

And believe us, wearing these glasses, you won’t even see the frame. This improves visibility and eliminates distractions.

Archgon Gaming Glasses


What are your first impressions of Archgon gaming glasses? Most people say they’re similar to road cycling glasses – but we find them to be exactly similar to the glasses you wear on a shooting range!

Other than the curved, elegant, comfortable, modern frame – we have to mention the available finishes. Three available frame finishes are black on black, iron gray, and red carbonate.

Lightweight TR90 frame with soft rubber nose pads supports curved lenses which removes the bezel view and ensures the best view for gamers – which is one of the reasons gaming glasses are taking on the curved design.

The lens itself is green(ish) and they can block out about 65% of blue light. Along with the blue light, these glasses also block 99% of UV light as well.

It’s important to note that these are not prescribed lenses and anyone who doesn’t wear regular glasses can wear them.

Even though these glasses are less known than some other gaming glasses – we have to say that they are very efficient in reducing harmful blue light which results in eliminating headaches from long hours of screen viewing.

They’re also ideal at reducing flare and glare and have a minimal effect on other colors which makes them ideal for anyone who uses a computer.

Klim Optics Blue Light Blocking Glasses


Klim Optics are gaming glasses that are very similar to Gunnar gaming glasses in the shape – however, they are made a bit differently.

They feature a frameless design that weighs only 0.7 oz and they’re able to hold blue light blocking lenses in place.

The yellow-coated lenses are able to block out 92% of blue light which is far more than some other manufacturers. Even though this is great, we think that these glasses might not be favorite glasses of a gamer who isn’t a big fan od very yellow(ish) lenses.

Nevertheless, these glasses are really efficient at reducing fatigue, headache, and even improving the concentration during the most intense gaming matches.

The nose pads combined with a very lightweight frame and thin lenses provide extra comfort which is important since these glasses are made for gamers and everyone who stares at the screen for more than just a couple of hours a day.

Therefore, Klim Optics aren’t only perfect for gamers, but they’re also ideal for everyone who wants to protect their eyes and reduce the symptoms of being overly exposed to artificial blue light.

OTM Blue Light Blocking Glasses


Most of the previous glasses are very affordable and are a pretty great investment for your eye health in the long run.

However, if you are really on a tight budget and let you know how important it is to protect your eyes – we have a great choice for you.

OTM blue light blocking glasses are made for gamers, but they’re ideal for everyone who wants to protect their eyes in front of the screen.

We live in a highly developing world and we even have digital ad banners out there. It’s important to protect our eyes and reduce fatigue and even fight sleeping disorders.

For a reasonable price, you’ll get a quality TR90 frame design based on the wide Wayfarer frame, and yet you’ll also get clear lenses that can block out about 75% of blue light.

We have noticed that the clear lens still has a bit of a blue coating, but it’s hardly visible and even if you notice it at first, you’ll easily get used to it.

What’s most important is that these glasses very reasonably priced and yet feature quality materials that will protect your eyes – so don’t let the cost of these glasses fool you!

Exerscribe Gaming Glasses


Exerscribe is the most affordable gaming glasses that feature stylish design & efficient yellow-coated lenses that provide great results for gamers & everyone who stares at any type of screen for a longer period of time.

Amber resin lenses can block out about 80% of blue light which is more than enough to provide results such as visual eye strain and other negative effects of artificial blue light exposure.

We’ve noticed that these glasses are made very well in terms of the size since they can fit almost all face shapes and sizes well.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, these are the most affordable gaming glasses out there – but don’t let the price make you think that these glasses don’t work.

They work very well, as advertised, and you’ll easily notice the difference even after a single day of use.

But considering the price tag – you can’t go work. Believe us, you won’t regret the purchase, but even if you don’t like the glasses – you won’t feel bad about the purchase.

Another great thing is that even though these can fit gamers the most, but they’re also


Did you ever feel tired after shutting down your PC or a gaming console, even if you’ve played only for an hour or less?

Being overly exposed to artificial blue light can definitely have negative effects on our eyes, mind, and even health.

But computer glasses & gaming glasses are one of the easiest ways to take action and taking care of your eye health.

Not only you will feel tired less during the gaming matches, but you’ll also be able to spend hours in front of the screen without even noticing any symptoms.

Most importantly – if you’re having trouble sleeping, you’ll most likely be able to improve your body clock by protecting your eyes & mind.

Which one of these best gaming glasses do you like the most? Did you ever try a pair?

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