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Best Computer Reading Glasses

You’re probably wearing reading glasses and you’ve just found out about the benefits of computer glasses (also known as blue light blocking glasses). And if we had to guess – we’d say that you’re trying to find the best computer reading glasses that will still feature magnification, right?

If yes, this is the right post for you since we aren’t only just showing you some of the best reading computer glasses on the market.

But we’re also showing you the benefits of computer glasses or the symptoms that you might experience if you aren’t protecting your eyes – so keep on reading!

Why Should You Get Special Reading Glasses for Computer?


Everyone knows about reading glasses, but not many people are aware of computer glasses.

Some people couldn’t live without reading glasses and their purpose is obvious. However, we’re really wondering how come that there are so many people out there that can still live without computer glasses.

If you’re a regular computer user – computer glasses are a must-have in the age we’re living in.

We all know that monitors aren’t very healthy for our eyes, and computer glasses are a great product to protect our eyes no matter how long we stare at the screen.

Computer glasses come with a filter that blocks out about 75% of blue light which is scientifically proven to reduce and even eliminate the most common symptoms we experience when we stare at a screen for longer than an hour.

Unfortunately, regular or reading glasses can’t protect your eyes while using the computer – and that’s the main reason why you should wear special reading glasses for the computer.

But how come we get to keep our eyes healthy by blocking out blue light?

Blue light isn’t harmful to our eyes and we even get plenty of it through natural sources. However, scientists have found out that being overly exposed to artificial blue light from screens can lead to various symptoms.

Therefore, combining this filter into reading glasses or purchasing computer glasses that include magnification is a simple way of protecting your eyes and getting to experience benefits instead of symptoms.

But what type of benefits can you experience? Keep on reading to find out, it gets good!

Benefits of Blue Light Blocking Glasses


If you’ve ever experienced any of the following symptoms:

  • Sore or dry eyes
  • Watery eyes
  • Blurred vision
  • Headaches when using a computer
  • Eyestrain
  • Inability to focus
  • Disrupted sleep pattern
  • Migraines

You wouldn’t probably think that it’s something that’s related to the screen. However, all of these symptoms are the symptoms that are very related to the screen, more precisely, to the blue light effect.

Blue light symptoms can be so severe that blue light can delay the release of a sleep hormone known as melatonin.

If you’ve ever spent at least a couple of hours in front of the screen before going to bed – you’ve probably experienced the disrupted sleep pattern. This means, that if you’ve ever felt like your body is tired and yet your mind wasn’t – this is what this symptom would feel like.

This is just one of the reasons why it’s not recommended to use a phone, tablet, or laptop in the bed right before going to sleep.

As you can see, it can get really severe. However, on the bright side – we believe that this was found on time and we’re really happy that there is such a simple solution to this that’s accessible to anyone.

Down below, we’ll show you how you can replace your reading glasses with computer glasses that feature this blue light filter protection yet also serve your eyes with the magnification you require!

Best Computer Reading Glasses

With so many computer glasses out there, it can be tricky to find a quality pair – especially if you have just learned about computer glasses and blue light filtering.

Prospek Reading Computer Glasses

Prospek are one of the most known brands when it comes down to computer glasses, and if you have been browsing for computer glasses already – you could notice their brand popping up almost anywhere you look.

It’s true that their prices are a bit higher than its competitors – but their quality provides a lot of value for the prices these computer glasses sell at.

They’re made using advanced technology that helps create thin and 100% clear lenses that have the ability to block about 50% of blue light.

What we like the most is that you won’t have to sacrifice the clear lens for a yellow-tinted lens in order to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of artificial blue light.

Along with that, Prospek lenses also feature 7 other layers that can block out harmful UV light, prevent lenses from scratching, throwing off glare, fogging, or even reflection.

All this is combined in a very stylish Prospek frame that is available in two colors (gray or red & black) and at the point of purchase, you also get the chance to choose a needed magnification.

If you don’t require magnification, you can even get these computer glasses without magnification – which is pretty great.

But what we like the most is the lifetime warranty that comes with the glasses so if nothing else justifies the higher price tag – we hope that this will!

Gudzws Computer Reading Glasses

Some people have to use a computer for work and unfortunately, some of them can’t choose the working hours they have set.

But having to stare at a computer screen for work definitely isn’t healthy, no matter if you use reading glasses.

Gudzws provides a great & simple way to combine reading glasses with computer glasses that filter out the blue light.

They’re based on the unisex stylish frame design with re-inforced hinges that can last for longer. The frame is quite durable and yet it’s lightweight so you won’t feel the weight on your nose.

Gudzws computer reading glasses come with 7 different magnification strengths so they can fit almost anyone’s needs.

For a very affordable price tag, Gudzws computer reading glasses come with a 1-year warranty and a protective case which just adds up to the value.

Prospek Reading Computer Glasses

Prospek proved its quality with the help of advanced technology that allowed them to produce high-quality lenses. However, most important thing is that Prospek offers a life-time warranty on all of their glasses, which is something that not many people notice.

Therefore, if you aren’t on a tight budget and you’re interested in quality glasses – Prospek glasses are probably one of the best choices you can make.

These glasses feature a stylish round frame that is suitable for both genders, and yet it will get your attention no matter if you use these glasses in your home or in the office.

But what’s most important are the lenses which are 100% free of yellow coating, and yet they are made of 8 different layers.

These layers include protection against blue light, UV light, dust, reflection, water, and scratches. If you require magnification – the great thing about Prospek is that they don’t charge any extra for adding your required magnification strength.

Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses


If you’re looking for the best computer reading glasses that fit any face shape and size – Gamma Ray might be a great choice.

They produce sturdy and quality, minimalistic, yet attractive frames that are fitted with quality blue light blocking lenses.

Additionally, you can add magnification if required. Even though there aren’t many magnification strengths available, you should still look into the choice available as it features the two most common magnification strengths that will fit about 80% of people.

The sturdy frame with flexible & durable temple arms weighs only about 22 grams including the lenses, so you will experience great comfort and durability while wearing the glasses, no matter how many hours.

Even though the lenses are pretty clear, they actually change the colors slightly to yellow(ish). If you aren’t a big fan of this, you might not love the glasses – but if you don’t mind, it’s not a big deal.

But considering the price tag, it’s great to see quality brands putting out quality products at such affordable prices.

LifeArt Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses

When you’re looking for versatility, LifeArt is probably one of the best choices out there as their frame types, frame finishes, and features included are really incredible.

These specific blue light blocking reading glasses offer about 24 magnification strengths to choose from and they’re available in 16 different finishes and frame types.

Along with the blue light blocking ability that eliminates about 80% of blue light, lenses are also made to enhance visual comfort by improving contrast and reducing eye strain.

We’ve noticed that the glare is eliminated and that the reflection is very minimal. The ultra-lightweight frame with stylish finish and design – you’ll never experience discomfort even during the prolonged use.

Even though we liked LifeArt glasses a lot, we liked the accessories that came included a lot more – mostly because of the test kit that’s super useful.

This test allows you to test the effectiveness of the blue light blocking lenses by flashing the blue light through them and having a card that can absorb the blue light behind the lens.

Other than this, you’ll also receive an eyeglasses case, cleaning cloth, a small screwdriver (just in case), and ear hooks.

Considering the price of these computer reading glasses – they’re very valuable and it’s most likely that you’ll never regret the purchase!

VDQELLA Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses

If you’re on a tighter budget, you can still find a great quality pair of computer reading glasses and still save some money in the process.

VDQELLA is a great example as they feature a very sleek & modern frame design that is based on the TR90 design which is known for its sturdiness and lightness.

Its lenses have the ability to block harmful blue light with the help of a simple yet very effective anti-blue light filter. This filter doesn’t give the lenses a yellowish coating which is pretty great for everyone who would like computer reading glasses that don’t differ from regular glasses.

There are 14 different magnification strengths available so with these glasses, you can forget about reading glasses and combine two in one to protect your eyes when you’re staring at the screen.

For the price these glasses cost – you won’t be able to find a better quality that will protect your eyes as these glasses do.

VisionGlobal 4 Pairs of Reading Computer Glasses

VisionGlobal decided to do good cause and package 4 quality pairs of reading computer glasses and sell them as a package in order to help everyone get access to this simple yet efficient way of protecting our eyes.

These 4 pairs feature a very attractive and elegant frameless design that is suitable for both genders, and it looks very much like regular glasses.

The lenses are 100% clear and if you didn’t know that these are computer glasses – you wouldn’t even be able to tell that these block blue light out.

Lenses are very light and transparent, but we did notice that the lenses have a very high light transmittance to prevent color distortion.

Therefore, you won’t even see a slight yellow(ish) color when you’re looking through the lens. Considering the price of these 4 pairs of computer reading glasses – the quality is really outstanding.

There are even 16 different colors/finishes available along with 12 different magnification strengths – so you’ll definitely be able to find a suitable style and magnification.


Did you ever even thought of being able to combine computer glasses with reading glasses? Or did you never even thought of protecting your eyes when staring at the screen?

These are some of the best computer reading glasses out there that are very efficient at blocking out blue light, protecting your eyes, improving your vision, and helping you experience all the benefits that come with it.

Which one of the computer reading glasses from the post do you like the most?

We’d love to hear back from you! But if you need any help making a decision – don’t hesitate to drop your questions down below!

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