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Best Computer Glasses With Magnification

When you have to stare at a computer screen for too long, you inevitably experience some discomfort in your eyes. The situation gets even worse when you have trouble seeing and reading tiny writings. You will typically have to strain yourself and get your eyes as close to the screen as possible.

To solve these issues, you need to get yourself a pair of a specially designed pair of glasses. We’re talking about the best computer glasses with magnification!

These glasses combine the benefits of computer glasses, but also the benefits of regular reading glasses into one. Therefore, keep on reading to learn more about this type of glasses, but also find some of the best ones that won’t break your bank!

What is the Purpose of Magnification?


Magnification exists primarily to make the writings and the objects appear larger than their actual sizes. It comes in handy for those who have issues and difficulties beholding smaller writings. A magnification factor is a number that is greater than 1. As this number increases, so does the legibility of the writings.

Even though magnification makes images and objects appear larger than their actual sizes, it does not in any way alter the perspectives or the angles of the images. Thus, it serves to preserve the integrity of the images and the kinds of interpretations that are derived from them thereafter.

Persons who make use of the magnifying glasses get spared of the strains and the difficulties that come along when attempting to behold tiny and minute images. It also makes the actual process of deriving readings smoother and less of a hassle. This also weeds out any ambiguities.

How to Choose the Best Computer Glasses with Magnification?


Factor in the following considerations to choose the best computer glasses with magnification:

Lens Type

The kinds of lenses that make up the glass should be your primary concern. There are two main kinds of lenses. These are the multifocal and the single vision lenses respectively. Pick the former for more advanced undertakings and the latter for simpler reading tasks.

Lens Materials

Next, factor in the kinds of materials that make the lens up. Trivex and Polycarbonate materials are the two most outstanding materials to look up to. They are sturdier and lighter at the same time. Because of this, the lenses are less likely to impose unnecessary strains.

Lens Coating

Figure out how the lens is coated to prevent dust and other spates of damages. A good lens has to be appropriately coated to prevent it from sustaining damages a bit too soon. Particularly, it should bear the transition, anti-glare, and anti-scratch coating. These also serve to make it better suited for its purpose.


Your overall comfort should also be a matter of consideration. A good lens has to be truly comfortable to your eyes and head. As a matter of necessity, it should fit your nasal bridge, ears, and face seamlessly. This is to prevent the same from inflicting unnecessary strains on your head.

Best Computer Glasses With Magnification

We now spare some time to review the best computer glasses with magnification:

TIJN Vintage Square Progressive Multi-focus Reading Glasses

Tired of the blue light on the computer screens? Choose this pair of lenses that bears the anti-blue light and is also great for both men and women alike.

It accords you with some three levels of visions. Thanks to this, you may use it to read, watch televisions, and work on your computers without having to change or swap from one lens to another one.

The lens is able to block out the blue light to minimize the strains that your eyes may naturally have to endure when attempting to behold the images on the computer screens.

By and large, the lenses are made of super-tough high-index plastic materials. Count on them hence to last longer and stand against the harsh elements of scratches and dents that bedevil other lenses.


  • Provides three levels of visions
  • Serves many eye-related needs
  • Manages full power magnification for awesome visions
  • Greatly expedites the distance readings
  • Light enough to take wherever and whenever


  • Care and maintenance may be tricky

Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Apart from the blue light, the computer screen also emits harmful gamma rays. To stay away from this harmful radiation, you have to pick and make use of special pair of this kind.

The lens does confer excellent protection from harmful ultraviolet radiation. You may hence look up to it for your adequate protection from all harms that may befall your eyes when in front of the screen.

Its frame is pretty light and easier to maneuver out and about a given place of use. Even if you have to put them on for too long, you will scarcely feel burdened or even have to pluck them off.

Other than being light, the frames are also stylish and awesome to behold. You may subsequently use the same for your décor and aesthetics all along.


  • Alleviates all forms of visual fatigue
  • Minimizes the digital eye strains
  • Allows you to game and work for a long time
  • Reduces glare to spare your eyes of premature damages
  • Tends to last longer than many other alternatives we have


  • Scratches a bit too soon!

Readerest Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses (Blue, 1.75 Magnification)

Other than the computers, it could be that you also want to read the normal literature books hassle-free. You want a pair of glass, like this, that can shuffle freely back and forth between those two surfaces.

The lens protects against glare and harmful ultraviolet radiation. Thus, you will badly need it when you have to expose yourself to ultraviolet radiation to prevent the contraction of cataracts and other eye problems.

Its lens is powerful enough to stand against scratches and other forms of premature damages that may come up with use. Use it with the utmost confidence as you move about your businesses every now and then.

On the whole, the lens is both stylish and lighter in weight. The combination of these two allow for seamless handling and use while on the go. Also, it adds to your décor and aesthetics.


  • Gives you a vast range of styles to choose from
  • Flexible to allow for a perfect fit for any face size
  • Reduces the blue light and the associated dangers
  • Its light stature allows for prolonged usage
  • Blocks out any glares or reflections that may arise when in use


  • Tends to get dirty too readily

PROSPEK Unisex Computer Reading Glasses

Does your eye tend to strain too much? Could it be that you have to stare at a computer screen for too long as well? If you nodded to the questions in the affirmative, you want to attempt this pair of glasses.

The lens bears an anti-reflective coating that protects the surfaces thereof from sustaining scratches. Thanks to this arrangement, the lens retains its integrity and allows for easy vision throughout.

In its entirety, the lens is unisex in that it meets the needs of the male and the female wearers alike smoothly. Get hold of it if you have the needs of many people to take care of per time.

Lastly, its frame is made of durable and reliable polycarbonate fashion materials. The frame also exhibits some fashion and style over and above merely supporting the lens.


  • Looks great on everyone
  • Exhibits some fashion and style as well
  • Does not alter the color and the appearance of the images
  • Greatly reduces the eye strains
  • Retains the moisture contents of the eyes


  • Lacks some special features and functionalities

Gaoye Progressive Multi-focus Reading Glasses

If our search for the right pair of glasses is mainly dictated by the need to read, you have this for the taking. It is specially designed and largely intended to make your reading life a little bit easier.

Its proprietary trait is the American HEV-Adsorb substrate absorption technology. This serves to block the blue rays while also absorbing a whopping 95% of the high-energy blue light.

Further to the above, the lens also guards against the penetration of ultraviolet radiation. This is largely made possible by U.S. substrate processing technology.

For all practical purposes, the lens is clear and will not imperil the views of the people who choose to wear them. Thanks to this transparency, you are less likely to experience any impediments to the objects you view.


  • Magnifies images from a distance
  • Helps you resist all of the blue light
  • Extremely light and durable
  • Upholds your comfort all the while of use
  • Aids with décor and aesthetics


  • Has fewer benefits (low returns on investments)

Computer Reading Glasses 9601HP -2-Black-1.75

Of all the reading glasses we have, this is by far the most durable. Its materials and component mixes are very strong and less prone to any form of premature damages that potentially arises with use.

As hinted already, all the parts and components that make the pair up are strong and durable. On the strength of this arrangement, you may count on the pair to make your life reliable in the long run.

The pair comes about in many shades and styles. This gives you some leeway to choose the one that most suits your unique styles of usage. Of course, this leads to a fairer degree of convenience.

Each pair that makes the entire set is accompanied by its own micro-fiber cleaning cloth bag. This eliminates the smudges to maintain the lenses in a clear manner for maximum visibility.


  • Comes at a great price
  • Fits snugly and comfortably on your face
  • May be used just about anywhere
  • Lets you choose your preferred style and fashion
  • Exhibits some stunning clarity


  • Cannot accept any additional parts and extras

VisionGlobal Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Women

Are you a woman who wants to combat the menace of eyestrain and read for a longer duration in front of a computer? This might be the pair of glasses to look into as it is designed for that purpose wholly.

For all practical purposes, the lens that makes up the pair of glasses has a pretty high transmittance. It lacks those yellow tints that may distort colors or cause unnecessarily high levels of glare to arise with use.

Adorning the exterior of the lens is a 7-layer anti-reflective coating that serves to reflect and filter out the blue light. In this way, it minimizes the eye strains and makes the users sleep soundly.

The frame of the pair of glasses is very light. You may hence put it on for a longer duration of time without fearing at all about the possibility of it imposing too many strains and discomforts on you.


  • Does not impose pressure on the ears and other body parts
  • The frame is light and less likely to impose any drag
  • Bears some pink colors and patterns that are awesome to the eyes
  • Operates within a high range of magnification
  • Compact enough for the matters of smooth travels


  • Limited to the women alone


Your search for the best computer glasses with magnification should not be too much of a hassle now. Not with the kind of in-depth explanations and reviews we have stipulated above. While these are some of the best computer glasses with magnification, there are still plenty of differences between them.

Therefore, you should still check out each pair and ensure that you choose the one that will fit your style and needs the best.

However, when you find a perfect pair, here’s something you should never do. Never look directly in the sun with this lens on your eyes. They will magnify the rays and the countenance of the light from the sun. This will in turn burn your eyes and pose permanent and irreversible damages to the eyeballs.

What is your favorite pair of computer glasses with magnification? What magnification do you require?

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