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Spending long hours in front of the computer isn’t good for our sight, but it’s a lot worse for our eyes and body in general.

Luckily, there are all sorts of computer glasses that can protect our eyes from being overly exposed to the artificial blue light that is bad for us.

In this best computer glasses review post, you won’t only find the best glasses for computer – but you will also learn why are they important and what such glasses can do for your eye, mind, and body health!

Therefore, keep on reading because by the end of this article – you’re most likely feel like you’ve found an ideal solution for symptoms you might have been experiencing yet decided to ignore.

Why Do You Need Glasses for Computer?


We spend endless hours in front of screens and this includes computers – but why is it bad for our eyes?

One of the biggest reasons is the artificial blue light. In theory, blue light is beneficial for our eyes, mind, and body. We get a perfect amount of blue light from natural light daily.

However, screens are known for displaying a wide range of colors, including blue light. And being overly exposed to the artificial blue light that’s coming from screens isn’t good for us.


Did you ever experience watery eyes, eye soreness, headaches (or even migraines) when using a computer? These are just some of the initial symptoms of someone who has been overly exposed to the blue light coming from the screens.

Being overly exposed to artificial blue light can even mess up our body clock and delay the sleepy feeling we experience before falling asleep.

But what if you have to use a computer for work?

Even though it might seem like some people can’t get away from the bad side of screens – there’s a simple solution!

Special glasses for a computer – and that’s what this post is all about!

So what do computer glasses do? They block the artificial blue light coming from the screens while they display other colors as usual.

Therefore, no matter how long you stare at your computer screen – you will never experience any of the symptoms we’ve mentioned earlier.

Hopefully, you understand the importance of protecting your eyes from artificial blue light – and luckily, you’re in the right place. In this best computer glasses review post – you will learn closely how these types of glasses work, how to choose them, but also what’s important to know before making your choice!

Best Computer Glasses for Computer

Gunnar is one of the best manufacturers when it comes down to computer glasses as they provide universal protection for all eyes.

Down below, you will some of the best Gunner glasses for computer so we believe that everyone will find an ideal pick for their taste!

Gunnar Optiks Intercept

Optiks Intercept is one of the most unique glasses that feature a lens that combines blue light blocking ability with an ideal lens for eSports gaming.

This means that Optiks Intercept is recommended by a doctor to protect and enhance vision during computer use.

Gunnar patented technology is visible all over the Optiks Intercept and not only these glasses block blue light – but they bring all sorts of benefits with it such as:

  • Reduced eye strain
  • Sleep improvements
  • Eliminates dry eyes
  • Minimizes glare

They’re very comfortable to wear due to the wide format lenses and rigid lens mounting. Even the frame around the nose is curved to provide nose comfort everyone deserves.

Needless to say, Optiks Intercept is injected with a high-grade level of engineering.

Gunnar Vertex

Vertex computer glasses feature a pin hinge design with a Gunnar’s curved nose feature and injection of mold and tint to the lens.

The lens is made to filter blue light but it also has the ability to block out the UV. This enhances the contrast which doesn’t only protect the eyes better – but it also improves the vision during computer use.

We really like how Gunnar managed to feature a filtered spectrum that replicates natural light perfectly. This is something that will get easily noticed by users who rely on a computer for work.

One of the biggest features is the Gunnars’ lens ability to limit the air currents near the eyes. This is made in order to increase the humidity and prevent irritations after prolonged stare at a computer screen.

High-grade lens material also ensures that the glare is reduced, distortion is eliminated, and the clearest image possible is provided.

With such high attention to detail by Gunnar is one of the reasons why Vertex has made #2 on our list of best glasses for computer.

Gunnar Riot

Riot computer glasses are all about reducing the eye strain caused by being overly exposed to the blue light coming from the computer screen, but it’s also made for people with sleeping problems as well.

These computer glasses are designed with precision and comfort (which is Gunnar known for) and the ergonomic frame design is made to fit face and head without causing any pressure points at all.

Lens feature a special lens focusing power that removes the eye muscle strain and can keep eye fresh and rested no matter how many hours you have to sit in front of a screen on a daily basis.

Amber lenses are an ideal choice that really goes well with the frame as they add contrast and help sharpen the characteristics of your computer screen – resulting in less eye strain.

Gunnar SheaDog

SheaDog computer glasses feature amber or liquid lens tint options that are made to reduce digital eye strain whether you’re staring in a computer screen or you’re using your mobile phone for a couple of hours throughout the day.

They’re very efficient at blocking out the blue light and the patented lens extra technology enhances vision while viewing digital screens.

The biggest benefit of SheaDog computer glasses is the ability to address short & long term side effects which are associated with the digital eye strain.

However, we really like how this type of lens Gunnar features can help even improve sleep while it battles with all other side effects.

By wearing SheaDog computer glasses, you will be blocking harmful blue light which will help maintain your circadian rhythm. The end result is a natural body sleep cycle. Therefore, SheaDog computer glasses can even eliminate slight sleeping disorders caused by being overly exposed to the screen’s blue light.

Gunnar Vayper

If you’re not a big fan of bigger glasses frames – Vayper computer glasses by Gunnar are an ideal choice since they feature a very slim frame with a very narrow lens bezel.

The patented lens feature on Vayper computer glasses doesn’t only protect your eyes but they can also put your mind to ease by offering easier & enhanced vision.

Vayper computer glasses can help in so many different ways that they can decrease the risk of accumulated damage to the retina caused by being overly exposed to computer screens on a regular basis.

If you’re using a computer for work and you’ve thought that there’s no way to keep both your job and your eye health – Vayper proves it possible!

What’s so special about Gunnar Vayper is that they don’t block blue light 100%. They block only about 65% which is still tested and proven to reduce & eliminate short-term and long-term eye issues such as cataracts, macular degeneration.

It can even help deal with sleep disorders that are caused by the artificial blue light.

Gunnar Razer

If you’re a gamer – you know Razer, and these glasses are a must-have computer glasses for every gamer who spends more than an hour staring at the computer screen.

But what’s so special about Razer computer glasses is one of the latest technology featured by Gunnar – Blue Light Protection Factor.

Gunnar developed a way to tell exactly how much of the peak blue light is being spectrum is being blocked during the use of your computer.

Therefore, Gunnar Razer computer glasses have the ability to block out 450 nm of the blue light spectrum and yet they’ve discovered that not all computer glasses available on the market can protect your eyes from the strongest visible lights from computer screens.

Razer computer glasses don’t only block out the blue light – but they also ease the way we look at other lights from computer screens so your eyes can rest even when you’re using a computer.

If you’re a gamer – you’ll love Razer computer glasses since they won’t make your eyes work hard yet will allow you to work hard all day without having to experience any side effects.

Gunnar Maverick

Who said that computer glasses can’t make you look cool and fancy? If you’re familiar with the Rayban’s most known Aviator frame design – you’ll love Maverick computer glasses.

They utilize a very similar frame and yet they still feature one of the most advanced Gunnar patented lenses.

Maverick lenses have the ability to replicate natural light through the filtered spectrum and that’s how they minimize eye strain.

Slight yellow lens coat also has the ability to enhance the focus and sharpen details which also helps ease eye strain.

Gunnar discovered that blue light isn’t the main factor why people experience side effects of prolonged computer use – and that’s why their lenses are precisely made to eliminate distortion while staying pretty lightweight and durable.

Whether you’re working in the office, using a laptop for entertainment, or you’re constantly looking at your phone – performance is guaranteed and not even a glare will be able to stop you.

Gunnar Attache

Gunnar Attache is one of the fanciest Gunnar computer glasses out there – and even though they’re really popular among female gamers, these glasses are unisex which is backed up by high use of both genders.

Attache features the quality craftmanship of Gunnar all over them – and yet the most interesting features are definitely the ability to provide durable and scratch-resistant lenses that you won’t have to pay extra care to.

Instead, you will be able to take Attache computer glasses with you everywhere you go. No matter if you’re looking at the screen all the time or not – lightweight & unusual frame design will keep you looking cool at all times.

This specific frame design also made Gunnar implement specific lens type which, in fact, improves screen viewing field so you won’t have to move your head as much as you would with any other computer glasses.

Gunnar Elipse

What glasses did Harry Potter wear? You might mistake them for Gunnar Elipse (minus the lens) since they offer almost the exact frame design for all lovers of Harry Potter glasses.

Now you can see why these glasses are named Elipse since they represent the shape of the glasses. Lenses are not fully round, but they’re very round in comparison to other Gunnar computer glasses.

Nevertheless, they’re ideal for everyone from a casual gamer to a computer professional who relies on a computer for a living.

The frame itself looks a bit fragile, but that’s not the case here. Gunnar ensured that Elipse computer glasses are very lightweight and thin, but are durable. Therefore, you can use these glasses to the fullest without worrying about damaging them along the way.

All the benefits of blue light reduction apply and yet Elipse can still block blue light a bit better than most of the other computer glasses available on the market for one main reason – patented focusing power of 0.20 mag.


What’s so great about computer glasses is that they can help us learn more about eye health and even understand some of the symptoms we experienced in the past yet decided to ignore or treat as “normal”.

For a really affordable price, they’re a great investment. Gunnar always listens to its customers and does its best to improve its glasses according to the feedback.

However, if you’re not satisfied with computer glasses – you can return them within 30 days of purchase and receive a full money refund.

Did you ever try computer glasses? What benefits did you experience?

Hopefully, you’ll be able to find the ideal choice for yourself among our list of the best glasses for computers above. However, if you ever need any help – don’t hesitate to leave a question in the comments section below!

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