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Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Graphic Designers

In a hurry? – Our best overall pick for best blue light blocking glasses for graphic designers is the Umizato glasses. Their low color distortion, great customer service, and handy warranty make it a great buy for a good price.

Graphic designers are lucky enough to work on their dream projects – but there’s one thing they’re missing. They’re missing long term eye health!

Having to spend a lot of time in front of the display is not ideal for our eyes. However, there’s a way to protect your eyes no matter how long you spend in front of the computer screen.

Blue light blocking glasses are also known as computer glasses – and in this post, you won’t only find the best blue light blocking glasses available on the market, but you will also find its benefits and how they improve the vision and eye health of a graphic designer.

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Why Graphic Designers Need Blue Light Blocking Glasses?


Even though graphic designers have an option to choose whether they want to wear glasses or not – we believe that they shouldn’t choose.

Everyone who spends a lot of time in front of the screen, such as graphic designers do, should wear computer glasses to ensure their eyes stay safe and sharp at all times.

Computer glasses can prevent and even eliminate symptoms such as:

  • Computer headache
  • Sore eyes
  • Watery eyes
  • Blurry vision
  • Migraines
  • Wakefulness

Most of us are considering these symptoms to be okay and we accept is as a part of the digital world we’re living in.

However, these symptoms are not okay and they’re appearing whenever we stare at screens for a long time.

But why are screens bad and what does blue light has to do with it?

Screens emit artificial blue light. As humans, blue light is useful and we get a decent amount our body requires from the natural sources.

By spending hours in front of screens, we are being overly exposed to artificial blue light which is not good for our body.

It can sound awful – but there’s a bright side. The solution is simple.

There are computer glasses that are specially made to block a great amount of artificial blue light that is projected from screens.

And what’s the result, you might wonder?

The result is the ability to spend hours in front of screens without ever experiencing the earlier mentioned symptoms.

And now that you understand this – it’s easy to connect this solution with graphic designers who spend a lot of the time in front of screens for their work.

Not only you’re aware of the side effects of spending time in front of the screen – but you’re lucky enough to be reading this post as well!


Down below, you can find some of the best (yet really affordable) blue light blocking glasses for graphic designers (or any other professionals). This way, you can put a stop to the symptoms and side effects and in return, start improving your vision!

Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Graphic Designers

Computer glasses might make you think that you’re about to see some of the nerdiest glasses out there – but it’s actually the other way around.

You’ll see glasses that you would have never guessed are computer glasses after all! Yet they have the ability to block out blue light which is exactly what every graphic designer is after!

Prospek Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Women


If you’ve been browsing for blue light blocking glasses already – you could’ve noticed that Prospek is one of the leading brands in the industry.

Their computer glasses aren’t the most affordable ones out there, but their quality is top-notch.

They don’t only look great with their attractive & modern shape, yet their ability to protect eyes is outstanding. You will never see bright yellow tint on the Prospek lenses, and yet you will find some of the finest lenses that include:

  • Harmful blue light protection
  • Dust resistance
  • Anti-reflection
  • UV protection
  • Smudge resistance
  • Scratch resistance
  • Water resistance

With all of this, Prospek even features the ability to get a model with readers option too.

Even though they do not feature magnification yet their sole purpose is to block out a great amount of artificial blue light – this option is still achievable.

At the point of purchase, all you have to do is choose magnification and can choose your desired magnification size.

And do you want to know what’s the best thing?

You don’t even need to visit your optician. Yet instead, you can make the order directly online and have them delivered to you within a day!

Joschoo 2-Pack Blue Light Blocking Glasses for a Couple


Joschoo is not the most famous option available when it comes down to blue light blocking glasses – but they offer decent quality at a very affordable price.

Do you want to know what’s even better yet?

With this specific computer glasses model, they feature a 2-pack that is ideal for couples. The 2-pack features a black and tortoise finish ideal for couples.

If you are not a big fan of tortoise finish – you can choose between 2 black or clear models.

The only flaw they have is that they’re a bit too tight for wider head types – but other than that, they’re really efficient at blocking out both UV and blue light.

The frame is plastic but it’s very sturdy and durable. Lenses are non-polarized and you can opt-in for magnification if required.

We highly believe that these glasses are everything you need to notice the benefits of protecting your eyes from artificial blue light from screens.

Unisex Prospek Dynamic Glasses


Prospek decided to go with one of the most common & well-known frames with their Dynamic computer glasses.

Therefore, they are an ideal unisex model that is able to block out 50% of blue light from all blue light that comes from a screen.

What’s the most interesting thing is that Prospek manages to block out the most of blue light among its competitors and yet its lens isn’t covered with a harsh yellow tint.

Along with the ability to block a significant amount of blue light – it has the ability to block 100% of UVA and UVB which is very rare to find in just one lens.

If you are spending a lot of time in front of your screen – Prospek is probably the best pain relief for the investment.

Oh, and do you want to hear the best thing? In return for your investment for better eyes – you get a lifetime warranty.

How cool is that, right?

TIJN Cateye Blue Light Blocking Glasses


TIJN computer glasses are based on a plastic frame (TR-90 memory polymer) that is available in 3 colors:

  • Burlywood
  • Translucent green
  • Translucent pink

The design quality is very decent for the price these glasses sell at. We really liked the spring mechanism used for the hinge arms.

Therefore, you can expect a super tough, collision-resistant, and even low friction coefficient. So you’re probably expecting a high-quality lens as well, right?

You’re right!

Even though TIJN lenses come with a slight yellow tint, they’re very efficient at blocking out 70% of artificial blue light.

But that’s not everything. They’re able to block out UV 400 without distorting the color at all. If you are okay with a slight yellow tint (which is easy to get used to) – these computer glasses might be the most valuable option for the money you spend.

And what do you get in return?

A great way to improve your sleep, easy way to fight digital eye strain, and an ideal way to prevent harmful blu-rays that cause headaches.

Umizato Blue Blocker Glasses


Umizato is one of the most innovative blue light blocking glasses manufacturer. Not only their lens is as efficient as the lens from the brand such as Prospek – but their whole frame design brings something new to the glasses users.

The whole motto of Umizato company is about making the glasses user feel better while looking great when staring at the screen whether it’s at home, in public, or in the office.

Their frame is based on the Swiss-invented T90 frame that is ultra-lightweight and yet durable & flexible which means it’s resistant to breaking.

The most interesting part of the frame is the screwless hinge which isn’t only a new way to eliminate most common glasses problems – but it’s also a great way to add up to a sleek & stylish design.

Umizato’s lens quality is outstanding since it’s being able to filter blue light with very low color distortion. The most important factor is that their lens ensures 100% clarity.

Even though these computer glasses are a bit pricier than other computer glasses available on the market – they provide a lot of value for the price they cost.

VisionGlobal Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Women


VisionGlobal produces one of the best looking computer glasses available on the market. Chances are you won’t even notice any difference between regular glasses and these computer glasses.

These blue light blocking glasses are based on a stylish square frame that is a mixture of pink color and decorative metal.

But the pretty frame isn’t as important as quality lenses, right?

Luckily, VisionGlobal knows exactly what they’re doing as their lenses are very efficient at enhancing visual comfort with improved contrast while they’re able to reduce eye strain.

VisionGlobal also features additional coatings for their lens against scratching, glare, and dust.

Even though these computer glasses are available without magnification, if you require a magnification – you can choose from x0.50 all the way up to x4.00. They even accept customized requests which are really useful.

HUIHUIKK Retro Fashion Computer Glasses


HUIHUIKK is definitely not a brand you’d go after if you were looking for computer glasses, however, they made a cut to our list!

You’re probably wondering how come, right?

It’s their ability to produce one of the sleekest glasses frames which is combined with pretty decent blue light blocking lenses.

Not only it is efficient at blocking blue light, but these computer glasses are available in 23 reading strengths as well so you can combine these glasses easily with your regular glasses. You won’t even have to visit your local optician either.

The sleek frame is available in two different colors – black & silver, and in our opinion, these two colors are the only colors that would fit this specific frame style & design.

We’ve also noticed that along with the color – there is also a stainless steel finish on the sides of frames as well which really gives these glasses a better finish & look.

Select-A-Vision Optitek Computer Glasses


Select-A-Vision provides quality computer glasses are a very decent price and their Optitek glasses are a unisex fit ideal for every graphic designer out there.

The frame is made of full plastic which provides a great finish to touch and yet increases durability without making these computer glasses weigh you down.

Lenses are really good at filtering blue light from devices such as the computer screen which can provide relief for your eyes, reduce & eliminate headaches, and even reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

On the downside is that they don’t come without magnification. Instead, you get to choose from 1 x to 3 x magnification level and this is something you should keep in mind.

On the bright side, it features a microfiber cleaning cloth and a protective case so you can take care of the lenses. But even without the microfiber cleaning cloth – you wouldn’t have a lot of trouble with the lenses since they come with an anti-fog and anti-fingerprint coating.


What made you think about purchasing a pair of computer glasses?

We are strong believers that the benefits of blue light blocking glasses for graphic designers are really worth the investment.

After all, most of these computer glasses come with at least a 30-day full-money refund so you shouldn’t be in doubt whether to go for any of these glasses.

Also, when it’s something health-related – you shouldn’t doubt a purchase, right?

Which blue light blocking glasses do you like the most?

Feel free to leave a comment down below and let me know your thoughts. Also, if you have any questions – don’t hesitate to drop them down below in the comments section!

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