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Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Women

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Long exposure to synthetic light is one of the major health hazards of living in the 21st century that are often left unobserved. Let’s be honest—almost all of us use technologies that use artificial and harmful lights, instead of resting our eyes and keeping away our gadgets, exposing us to blue light. This is usually the cause of our repetitive sleepless nights.

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Blue light is emitted by sunlight in the morning which signals our body to awaken. At night, the lack of bright sunlight signals our body to sleep but because our bodies are exposed to blue light, it gets puzzled and causes us to get less sleepy.

There are a lot and varied ways to protect you from the blue light rays, such as actually reducing the time you spend on your devices and resisting the urge to check that Facebook notification or that message that you just received. But for busy bees and tech addicted women whose lives are usually in the fast lane, I’ve got good news for you!

Blue-light blocking eyeglasses are available in just a few Google searches. These glasses are made for preventing damage to the DHA fat that is responsible for converting sunlight into the vital direct electric current that your body needs to be awake and active. You should wear these not only when it’s getting dark, but also whenever you are using devices that expose you to blue light.

When finding the perfect blue light blocking eyeglasses for you, you have to know first whether those that you are planning to purchase are actually worth your money and time.

Check out some of these blue light-blocking computer glasses for women that might pique your interest and can be found on Amazon!

Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Swannies Blue Light-Blocking Glasses boosts your sleep and health by blocking harmful blue light while letting in all the other safe light. It can be worn when you’re on the computer or gaming to stop sore eyes and headaches. Even if you have spent a huge amount of time on your devices the whole day, wearing these at least 90 minutes before going to bed gives you a good and undisturbed sleep. These are a must for gamers and people who find it hard to sleep at night.


  • Proven and tested to filter blue light from full wattage of blue, deep blue and indigo UV, and black light flashlight
  • Blocks blue light without hindering visuals
  • Fashionable style
  • Made from acetate which is the industry standard for premium eyewear
  • Great lenses that also does not add additional magnification
  • FDA approved
  • Swanwick offers free replacement pair or full refund if you were not satisfied with the one you got


  • Kind of expensive for its build and quality
  • Has only limited size options
  • Feels heavy over time

Gunnar Optiks Blue Light Glasses

The Gunnar Optiks Advanced Blue Light Glasses protects and enhances your vision when exposing your eyes to digital screens and shields your eyes from arid air currents, efficiently preventing irritation, wherever you are. These mercury frame glasses are specifically made to develop visual performance, improve focus and reduce eye fatigue for those with ideal 20/20 vision.

These computer glasses are perfect not just for the busy working people, but also for computer gamers, too.


  • Medium-sized frames with easy-to-adjust nose pads
  • Assists in the right milieu of harsh lighting, consecutive headaches, nausea, and other “white noise”
  • Greatly reduce eye strain and headaches due to long computer exposure
  • Micro-engineered locks steadily keep hold of the lenses without unnecessary stress or alteration to the optics
  • Lightweight, weighing only 15 grams


  • High-curved frames which can disfigure vision and in fact contribute to headaches
  • Poor design and quality for its price
  • Fragile frames that have low-durability spring hinges
  • Has additional magnification

PROSPEK Artist Blue Light Blocking Glasses

The PROSPEK Artist Blue Light Glasses are comfortable for both young and old computer users, perfect for reading, video gaming and computer reading. Its optimal lens power can be very helpful and vital for computer users in viewing the computer screen right for a clear, wide view without too much focusing effort or unnecessary detrimental postures. These can also reduce eye strain, headaches, and having sore body parts like your neck and back caused by leaning forward actions.

It is recommended for people who spend many hours in a computer screen. So far this is the highest quality pair of glasses compared to the other two.

I personally have this pair and have worn them around the office (and have gotten plenty of compliments!). They’re very comfortable glasses and are very light.

Check out my in depth review of the PROSPEK Artist Blue Light Blocking Glasses.


  • Immediate and long-lasting effects
  • Efficient in filtering blue light emitted by any device
  • Trendy design
  • Great lenses quality
  • Has a lifetime breakage warranty on frame and lens


  • Fluorescent light is still able to get in
  • Gets dirty easily

Final thoughts

That would be some of the many best blue light blocking glasses for women. There is actually a huge variety to choose from, it’s up to you to make the final decision.

Just make sure that when choosing your eyeglasses, you’ll end up purchasing the one that is suitable for you and is comfortable when you wear them.

Whether you’re a busy businesswoman, a productive gamer, or a hard working stay at home mom who does everything to support the family, we all need to have our eyes taken care of. We don’t want our precious eyes to strain and suffer. A solid pair of blue light blocking glasses will relieve your eyes of that stress.

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