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Benefits of Blue Light Filter Lenses

Did you ever feel like there’s a way to protect your eyes a bit more? Not everyone is at the stage where they take extra precautions to improve their eye health. But if you’ve been looking into ways, you could’ve come across the blue light filters. But what does a blue light filter do and why is it important?

These are just some of the questions we’ll answer in the comments below.

When we discovered the importance of blue light on our eye health and even the way we wear our eyes in front of the computer screens – the mission of this website was born.

If you’re looking to learn more about blue light, how blue light filter works, or how computer glasses benefit our eyes – keep on reading!

What is Blue Light?


Blue light is just one of the colors from the spectrum of colors that we get to see and experience with our eyes.

But if there are so many colors out there, why is blue light so special?

Ever since the television and computers made their way into our homes – people knew that this would have consequences to our eye health.

Do you remember being told not to sit too close to the TV or to take breaks when using a computer?

Everyone enjoyed TV and computer screens – but did we have to compromise our eye health for the entertainment?

Scientists have been researching and studying this topic and that’s how blue light topics came out.

Is Blue Light Harmful to Our Eyes?


Blue light isn’t harmful to our eyes at all times. In fact, we receive plenty of natural blue light from natural sources which is quite helpful to our body.

On the other hand, we live in a modern age where our eyes are daily exposed to screens. Whether it is a computer screen at work, a laptop screen at home, a smartphone almost everyone owns, or just a digital banner in the city center.

All types of screens emit artificial blue light which can be harmful to our eyes because we’re overly exposed to it.

So yes, blue light can be harmful if we are not being careful how we expose our eyes to digital screens. But it’s not all that bad.


Because now when we know the cause of most eye-related symptoms, we have a better way to protect our eyes and improve our eyesight and health, right?

If you’ve been browsing, you might’ve come across a solution known as a blue light filter. But what does a blue light filter do?

Keep on reading to find out!

What is Blue Light Filter and Where Can We Find it?

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Since we knew that being overly exposed to artificial blue light has a negative impact on our eye health, we knew that the solution has to be created.

The solution is a blue light filter. But what does a blue light filter do? It’s a coating that’s introduced into lenses that are able to allow the same vision through the lens and yet block about 70% (or in some cases 100%) of blue light.

This way, we get to see other colors from the spectrum and even see enough of blue color while keeping our eye healthy from the negative effects of blue light.

The technology advanced so far that you still get to see the same image through lenses that feature a blue light filter. In some cases, you won’t even notice the difference between a regular lens and a lens that blocks out the blue light.

Of course, this solution was turned into a lens which allows the most efficient way to protect our eyes.

Therefore, we have products known as computer glasses which are able to block out the blue light and protect our eyes no matter the hours we spend in front of the computer.

And what is the experience like when you block out the blue light? Keep on reading as that’s exactly the next thing we’ll elaborate one!

Benefits of Blue Light Filter Lenses (Computer Glasses)

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As you probably understand by now, the artificial blue light coming from the screens is harmful to our eyes.

Therefore, by eliminating the harmful blue light, we get to experience a lot of benefits. It can help out and eliminate most eye symptoms that we used to consider “normal” and even overlook them thinking that there’s no solution.

These are some of the most known benefits of blue light blocking glasses:

  • Ease digital eye strain
  • Reduce glare
  • Increase the clarity of the vision
  • Reduce computer headaches
  • Eliminate migraines
  • Eliminate dry eyes
  • Eliminate blurred vision

There are many other benefits. In case you didn’t know, blue light can even affect the delayed release of a hormone known as melatonin which is the main hormone that makes our body & mind feel sleepy.

This can delay the sleep and leave us awake even at hours when most of us are sleeping. Such a delay in the body clock can be easily prevented with the help of blue light blocking glasses.

There have been reports of blue light glasses to help improve people’s careers, improve computer vision syndrome, and even help professional gamers perform better without sacrificing their eyes.

Personally, we find blue light computer glasses to let our eyes rest no matter how many hours we sit in front of the screen to produce quality content for you!


Did you ever come across blue light filter lenses or glasses and wonder what does a blue light filter do?

It can be really confusing, but once you understand exactly why artificial blue light needs to be reduced, and how blue light filters can help – it’s all about finding the perfect computer glasses for yourself!

Can you protect your eyes from blue light if you already wear regular glasses? Of course, you can!

It’s all about combining blue light filters into the lenses of your glasses. A local optician can help you with that, but if you aren’t wearing glasses – you can purchase computer glasses online at any time!

Did you ever try computer glasses? What do you think about such glasses that filter blue light?

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