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Duco Blue Light Blocking Glasses Review


Duco Blue Light Blocking Glasses All living things depend on light as the source of energy, food, and vision, but exposing yourself to too much blue light is not healthy for your eyes. Light is made up of wavelengths with different colors and energy, meaning the effect of light depends on the wavelength and the … Read more

Best Affordable Blue Light Blocking Glasses


Most people don’t even think twice about the effect of screens on our eyes. But if you did your research and you know all the benefits of computer glasses – you’re looking for an affordable pair of computer glasses. We’ve seen people approach computer glasses with a skeptical mindset – but for the price of … Read more

Best Blue Light Glasses for Gaming


The eSports industry is on the rise and according to sources such as PRNewsWire – the video gaming industry is already bigger than the TV industry. Can you believe that? Not all games are the same, but some of the best games are often competitive games that are played in teams. And if you’ve ever … Read more

What Strength Computer Glasses Do I Need?


The strength of the computer glasses depends on the specific distance you view your computer screen and it can vary from 12-32 inches. Therefore, when choosing computer glasses the computer reading distance is an essential factor that you must consider to eliminate eye-straining. Moreover, the further your computer monitor is the lesser the power of … Read more

Can You Wear Blue Light Blocking Glasses Outside?


The blue light blocking glasses are extensively used indoors especially by those who sit in front of the computers for a very long time. This pair of glasses filter out the blue light to minimize the damages that the light potentially brings about to the eyes. These include excess eye strains, eye fatigue, and imperiled … Read more

Best Computer Glasses With Magnification


When you have to stare at a computer screen for too long, you inevitably experience some discomfort in your eyes. The situation gets even worse when you have trouble seeing and reading tiny writings. You will typically have to strain yourself and get your eyes as close to the screen as possible. To solve these … Read more

Best Aviator Blue Light Glasses


Sitting in front of a computer for too long comes along with some sets of challenges. The most significant of these is the likelihood of sustaining eye damages. Indeed, when the eyes are exposed to too much glare, they tend to become painful or even impaired to the extent of not being able to see … Read more

Spektrum Prospek Artist Computer Glasses on a wooden counter

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