How to Protect Your Eyes While You Work from Home


If you’ve been trying to protect your eyes and your vision – you’ve probably wondered at some point how to protect your eyes from a computer screen. In the modern world, we live in – we’re surrounded by screens. Whether it’s a computer screen, a laptop screen, a smartphone screen, or only a TV. Many … Read more

Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Graphic Designers


In a hurry? – Our best overall pick for best blue light blocking glasses for graphic designers is the Umizato glasses. Their low color distortion, great customer service, and handy warranty make it a great buy for a good price. Graphic designers are lucky enough to work on their dream projects – but there’s one … Read more

Do Blue Light Glasses Work?

Do Blue Light Blocking Glasses Work?

In today’s world, we spend most of our time staring at digital screens. In fact, we spend pretty much all of our waking lives in front of a screen and some during partially awake hours. There is no doubt that too much screen time is definitely not a good thing. So the question that arises … Read more

Do Gaming Glasses Work?


What exactly do gaming glasses do and do they work? Have you ever heard of gaming glasses? Not reading glasses like your grandmother wears. I’m talking about those strange (often cool) looking yellow tinted glasses that help reduce blue light exposure are therefore help reduce eye fatigue. Lots of people are now beginning to wear … Read more

Prospek – Arctic Unisex Clear Lens Glasses Review


Having to sit in front of the computer screen for hours can do more damage to your eyes than you probably think. With manufacturers such as Prospek who specialize in producing high-quality computer glasses – it’s fairly easy & affordable to protect your eyes. Artificial blue light shining at our eyes for hours can result … Read more

Can Blue Light Blocking/Computer Glasses Help Your Career?


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How to Have Correct Posture When Using a Computer


Just as important correct posture when standing is – it’s as important to have a correct posture when sitting down and using a computer. In fact, it’s a bit harder to achieve a proper posture when using a computer due to a couple of factors which could set off your postures such as the desk … Read more

Best Glasses for Computer Eye Strain


Blue light blocking glasses or computer glasses – these are some of the terms you might have heard for a couple of years now. We all know everything about regular and reading glasses – but what are computer glasses and how do they help us? In this article, you won’t only find out everything you … Read more