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Are Computer Glasses The Same as Reading Glasses?

You might have been reading about computer glasses benefits, but what if you are wearing reading glasses when you’re using your computer? Are computer glasses the same as reading glasses and do they provide the same benefits?

Can you experience the full benefits of computer glasses if you’re wearing reading glasses?

Or would you have to sacrifice the reading glasses only to experience the benefits of computer glasses?

These are just some of the answers we’ll answer below so keep on reading to find out everything you need to know about computers and reading glasses!

Are Computer Glasses The Same as Reading Glasses?


Unfortunately, computer glasses are not the same as reading glasses. Reading glasses will provide magnification that will help you read the text.

Computer glasses will block out the great percentage of artificial blue light to provide benefits. With the advanced technology we have nowadays – it’s very easy to mistake reading glasses for computer glasses.

In fact, you might not even be able to tell if someone in your office is wearing computer glasses, regular, or reading glasses.

But we know what you’re thinking.

There are regular glasses that also feature magnification, right? Can computer glasses provide something like this too?

First, you should understand how computer glasses work and what are some of the benefits you can experience.

This is exactly what you’ll find below before we help you understand whether or not you need two pairs of glasses rather than just one computer glasses.

Benefits of Computer Glasses


Computer glasses come with a specially crafted lens that has the ability to block out anywhere between 75% to 100% of artificial blue light.

Artificial blue light emitted from the screens can cause symptoms that people often consider as “normal” and something that everyone experiences after using a computer for more than just a couple of hours.

However, prolonged exposure to artificial blue light can cause:

  • Eyestrain
  • Watery or blurry eyes
  • Dry eyes
  • Headache or migraine
  • Fatigue
  • Inability to fall asleep even when feeling tired

What computer glasses do is that limit the amount of artificial blue light to our eyes with the special lens filter.

We get enough blue light from light and being overly exposed to artificial blue light can only lead to the symptoms we mentioned earlier.

However, wearing blue light glasses while using a computer, a smartphone, or watching a TV can help:

  • Reduce glare
  • Improve contrast for easier viewing
  • Ability to look at the screen for longer periods of time
  • Reduce headaches
  • Reduce other symptoms

But one of the biggest benefits is that computer glasses can improve sleep. How?

Being overly exposed to artificial blue light can delay the release of a melatonin hormone which is also known as a sleep hormone.

If you’ve ever felt tired and yet it took you a while to fall asleep – maybe you experienced the delayed release of melatonin.

By wearing computer glasses, they can protect you from being exposed to the artificial blue light for hours which won’t mess up the release of your sleep hormone.

It’s worth mentioning that not everyone experiences the same benefits – but these are some of the most common benefits experienced by many users who started using computer glasses.

One thing is for sure – you get to spend more time in front of the screen devices without having to worry if you are damaging your eyes.

Do You Need Two Pairs of Glasses?


If you are looking to experience the benefits of computer glasses yet you need to keep your reading glasses – would you need two pairs of glasses?

Most people would go an extra length to protect their eyes when they’re in front of the screen. But no, you won’t need two pairs of glasses!


If you didn’t know, computer glasses often provide magnification to eliminate the conflict between reading and computer glasses.

Therefore, you can find computer glasses that offer blue light protection (via the filter) but also introduce magnification to the lens which makes it suitable for reading.

Therefore, no, you won’t have to switch between the two and sacrifice one every time you use a computer.

So are computer glasses the same as reading glasses? Of course not!

How to Know if Computer Glasses Offer Magnification?

Sometimes, it’s easy to miss whether computer glasses offer magnification or not. However, if you’ve been browsing for computer glasses, you’d know that there are a couple of places you can look at.

If you’re shopping offline, having assistance is always great as you get to ask them direct questions.

But if you’re browsing online – you have the ability to purchase from anywhere around the world and from any store that’s available on the internet.

So how can you prepare yourself for this?

It’s easy. All you have to do is check for these three places:

  • Near the buy button
  • In the description
  • In the official images that describe the product

If you take a look at Amazon, for example, they clearly showcase the magnification selection before you even get to read the product’s description. We believe that this is great because you get to know immediately if the computer glasses feature magnification.

However, checking the description, title, or even the official images provided by the manufacturer will help you find out the truth.

But what if you don’t find anything?

Keep in mind that you should be looking out for magnification. However, if there’s no single mention of magnification – it’s most likely that the computer glasses don’t offer magnification.


Are computer glasses the same as reading glasses? Definitely not – and you should keep that in mind when you’re looking for computer glasses.

While you might not use your reading glasses when your computer glasses arrive – you’ll know that you won’t have to sacrifice anything in the long run.

And this is definitely an improvement for your eyes as you’ll keep them protected at all times!

Did you ever try computer glasses? What benefits did you experience?

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