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Best ANRI Computer Glasses Review

If you browse computer glasses on Amazon, you’d come across dozens of computer glasses brands. Truth to be told – there are thousands of computer glasses available on Amazon and yet ANRI computer glasses are one of them.

But how do you find a quality pair of computer glasses without breaking your bank?

Of course, there are some brands that you can’t go wrong with, such as Prospek.

Our mission is to raise awareness of the artificial blue light and give the best information on the protection there is (in this case computer glasses).

And in this post, you’ll find our review on pretty popular computer glasses known as ANRI.

ANRI Computer Glasses Review

ANRRI Blue Light Glasses Men Women Transparent Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses...
  • REDUCE EYESTRAIN - Enjoy your digital time, NO worry about eye fatigue, blurred vision and headache.
  • ANTI BLUE LIGHT - Cut 90% of the blue light. Relieving eye fatigue, dry and vision falling.
  • BETTER SLEEP - Reduce eye strain and headache, Enjoy a restful deeper sleep.
  • MATERIAL - Frame: TR90 ; Lens: Polycarbonate (Non-Prescription)
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY--We provide worry-free lifetime warranty and friendly customer service.

ANRI is a pretty popular choice since they’re very reasonably priced and yet are made of quality that can easily compete with much more expensive blue light glasses. After all, their lenses are made of top-quality which resonates well with the purpose of these computer glasses.

Precise Lens Crafting

ANRI is known as a brand that brings you a clear life with precise lens crafting. ANRI lenses are crafted in a way where the main focus is on the reduction of eye strain by blocking out the blue light.

At first sight, you’d never tell that these glasses are able to block out the blue light. They have no yellow(ish) tint as some other blue light blocking glasses do.

Therefore, they look like regular or reading glasses so you can freely wear these in the office, outside, or at home without getting hundreds of questions about these computer glasses.

Lenses That Effectively Reduce Blue Light

While other brands produce lenses that block out about 60 to 75% of blue light – ANRI knows the importance of blocking out the blue light.

Therefore, the lenses of these glasses have the ability to block out 90% of blue light. The reason why most brands stop at about 75% is because of the color change.

However, ANRI really perfected their lens craft by making a lens that can block out 90% of blue light without leaving any signs or color changes.

The greatest thing about these lenses is that you can still see a bit of blue light. After a couple of hours of wearing ANRI glasses, you won’t even be able to tell the difference in color – yet your eyes will feel a huge relief.

High-Quality Frame

Just like the lenses, ANRI creates quality frames with the help of T90 material. This gives the glasses a sturdy yet lightweight frame that won’t crack easily.

While this means that you won’t have to babysit your glasses all day – they’ll also be able to still survive impact or slight accidents.

But keep in mind that it’s not the frame you should be looking after, yet it’s the lenses.

We’ve noticed that the nose bridge is very comfortable even after a couple of hours later, so you definitely won’t have to get used to a sore nose.

Designed for Everyone

We like that ANRI based their computer glasses on a very classic frame that fits most face shapes and sizes well.

Along with that, they’ve also introduced these glasses in 4 different colors, so you get to choose from:

  • Classic Black
  • Crystal
  • Leopard
  • Pink

We went even further to check out the design of these glasses so we measured each component. We came to the conclusion that ANRI did a really good job of providing one-size-fits-all glasses that work well for both men and women at the same time.

If you’re purchasing these as a gift for someone – this will be the easiest glasses purchase you’ve ever made.

Plenty of Accessories Included

Considering the price, we were positively surprised when we unpacked our ANRI glasses.

Along with the quality pair of ANRI computer glasses, we’ve also received a fancy ANRi protective case that’s a mix between the soft and hard case.

You’ll also receive ANRI soft cleaning cloth, and most importantly – ANRI blue light testing kit.

This testing kit includes a test kit card and a small blue light flashlight. With this kit, you are able to measure how effective these ANRI glasses are.

These blue light blocking lenses that block 90% of blue light definitely seem like they block out almost all of the blue light. And yet again, when you wear them – you don’t even notice the difference in the blue color.

Lifetime Warranty

Not only we are a big fan of quality products that are affordably priced – especially when they’re in the self-care and help industry like these ANRI computer glasses.

But on top of all of the quality and accessories, you receive with these glasses – you’ll also receive a lifetime warranty.

You’ve read it right! A lifetime warranty is included with the price – which is just another reason why we trust ANRI and we see how well they stand behind the quality of their products.

Guaranteed Eye Strain Reduction

With the lenses that can block out 90% of blue light, you’ll be able to experience eye strain relief and reduction in just a couple of hours within the first use.

Blue light is harmful to the eyes and by reducing it – we’re actually reducing and even eliminating the symptoms.

These are the symptoms we might be dealing with on a daily basis without even acknowledging it.

Therefore, if you’ve ever experienced eyestrain, computer headaches, sore or tired eyes, or even stiff necks and the inability to fall asleep – ANRI computer glasses might be a life-changing decision you’ll make.


Did you ever suffer any of the symptoms we’ve mentioned in the article? Or did you ever read or even better yet, experience the benefits of blue light blocking glasses?

Considering the price of these ANRI glasses, you could get really great protection that might change the way you use your computer or your smartphone.

And most importantly, we hope that you’ll be as surprised as we were with all the accessories that come included!

Did you ever hear about the ANRI computer glasses?

If you have any questions or if you would need any additional help – don’t hesitate to leave your questions in the comment section down below!

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