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Amber VS Clear Blue Light Blocking Glasses

If you stare at computers for too long, you will notice that the screens do emit two main kinds of bright light. These are the blue and the amber lights. The blue light is definitely bluish in color whereas the amber lights are orange and bright yellow-red in color.

Prolonged staring at these two kinds of lights is not recommended at all as they bring along certain health risks. It is in our best interest to help you in mitigating the adverse effects of these two kinds of lights. This, we do, by drafting this article that has every detail you need on how to choose the best lens type for your computer glasses.

Amber VS Blue Light Blocking Glasses


As their names imply, the amber blocking light glasses works to sieve out the orange or amber light from the rays of light that the computer screens emit. Their blue light blocking glasses counterparts on the other hand sieve out the blue lights from the computer screens.

When you put on the amber blocking light glasses, you get to diminish excess glares and also spare your eyes from the strains that come along. The blue light blocking glasses on the other hand mainly lets you peek into the finer details of the computer screen by eliminating blurs and distortions.

If your screen is too bright and potentially blinding, you have amber blocking light glasses for your choice and subsequent leverage. The blue light blocking glasses come in handy if you have eyesight issues and simply want to behold the writings and images without too many strains.

The amber blocking light glasses, as stated, operate by filtering out the excess levels of brightness that are emitted by the screens. They do this mainly by darkening the eyes of the wearers courtesy of the equally darker lens. The blue light blocking glasses on the other hand also remedy some distortions in the images.

Benefits of Amber Tinted Lenses


The amber-tinted lenses do confer the following benefits to the users:

Do you find it harder to sleep easily at night? You have these tinted lenses for your choice and use. They tend to induce a sense of sleep thanks to their darker lenses. These lenses ‘trick’ the brains to believe that it is dark enough for you now to sleep.

Are you suffering from the menace of bipolar disorder? Yet again you have these dark-tinted glasses to try out. They have a way of easing the mood distortions that arise with this condition. Darker lenses have been noted to stabilize moods and smoothen the eye muscles.

If you must stare at a computer screen for too long, you yet again have the darker lenses to set your eyes on. These lenses reduce the glare that originates from the computer screens to make your eyes softer, relaxed, and greatly comforted. In these ways, they let you stay awake for quite a long time.

Macular degeneration basically refers to the aging of the eye muscles. Darker lenses have been noted to reduce the pace of aging considerably. They weaken the glares of the incoming light rays in such a manner as to make the same more comfortable to gaze upon.

Do you Need Tinted Lenses or are Clear Lenses Good Enough?


Long answer short, clear lenses are good enough. Below are the core reasons to explain that.

The most significant benefit of these glasses is that they improve your vision greatly. They do not distort the colors or the levels of brightness of the images. That lets you behold what you are seeing without any form of interference at all. You will find them great in darker and shadowed areas.

Most people are often suspicious when they come across someone who puts on dark lenses. They tend to equate the darker lens with crime and insincerity. It hence goes that you evoke a sense of friendliness whenever you put on a clearer lens.

When you put on the darker lens for a longer duration, you inevitably impair your vision by making your eyes insensitive to bright lights or easily getting damaged by the same. The clear lenses do not in any way interfere with your eyes and as such, give you the leeway to view images uninterrupted.

If you opt for clearer lenses, you do not have to put them off when going outside. The lenses are able to work under any circumstance regardless of the levels of brightness and insolation that may prevail at any given time. That of course saves a great deal of time and energy for you.

How Much Should You Spend on a Quality Pair of Computer Glasses?


How much you spend on quality pair of computer glasses depend on these factors:

Length of Use

How long you intend to stay in front of the computer is the key determinant of the cost of the glasses you may have to acquire and make use of. If you stay longer in front of the screens, you will no doubt have to spend a lot as that may mean you prepping for higher chances of sustaining eyesight issues.

The Glare Intensity

This refers to the degree of brightness of the computer screens. A screen that is too bright will definitely require stronger and more powerful computer glasses. These definitely go for more money. Those that are duller on the other hand go for less as they do not demand too much protection.

Inherent Eyesight Problems

If you have any inherent eyesight problems, you may yet again have to spend more than if you have perfect eyesight. That is due to the need to cater to both the existing issue and the menace of excess glares that the screens emit.

When all factors are put into consideration, be ready to part with around $50-$1,000 for a pair of glasses of these kinds. The average cost of the same has been noted to be around $196. Do not hesitate to compare prices and bargain so that you may acquire the same at very affordable prices.


Our peek into the differences between the amber and the blue light blocking glasses comes to an end there. It is our hope now that you have what it takes to make a distinction between the two and possibly make the right choice.

As a bonus for sticking with us till the end, here’s another tip. Never look directly into the sun with these lenses on. This can cause eye damage and can be really hard on your eyes.

Which lens type do you prefer? Amber VS clear blue light blocking glasses?

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